Can Ding Junhui fight Trump’s three-game winning streak in revenge?_1

Can Ding Junhui fight Trump’s three-game winning streak in revenge?
After the first ten competition days, the top 8 of the 2015 Snooker World Championships have all been released.Among them, the No. 3 seed Ding Junhui will be challenged by No. 6 seed Trump.Turning on the record of the two men’s engagement, Ding Junhui’s average price advantage regardless of comprehensive data or large ranking matches, only Ding Junhui lost the most important battle at the World Championships four years ago.Can Ding Junhui turn around this time?  Ding Junhui, born in 1987, was only two years older than Bitrump, and both were outstanding leaders of the 80th generation.However, judging from his professional record, Ding Junhui, with 11 big ranking champions and one masters champion, has left Trump with only four ranking champions behind.But it is undeniable that this season Trump’s state is fierce, and once played, it can cause headaches for everyone, including the omnipresent O’Sullivan.  In the history of the battle between the two, the two sides met for the first time in the professional tournament from the top 96 of the 2005 British Championship. At that time, Ding Junhui defeated it with a 9-2 sweep.In the end, the two met 11 times in the professional game, Ding Junhui 6 wins and 5 losses dominant.  However, in the large ranking game, the two only confronted three times, Ding Junhui two wins and one loss, and lost one time is precisely in the heaviest part of the World Championships, that is in the 2011 World Championships semi-finals.At the time, Trump had just tasted the taste of the first large ranking champion at the China Open, and he was impressed.Ding Junhui was 7-4 behind in a five-game winning streak to overtake with 9-7, but in the end Ding Junhui regretted losing 15-17 and missed the opportunity to reach the final.It is worth mentioning that the World Championships were also the best results of the two so far.  After the 2011 World Championships, the two sides played a rather tight competition in Guangzhou.Ding Junhui trailed 7-9 in the first stage, and Ding Junhui overtook 13-11 in the second stage.In the third stage, the two won four games each, and finally Ding Junhui won the hegemony game with 17-15 innings, which was regarded as a revenge for the World Championship.  As late as the 2014 German Masters Finals, the two sides met for the third time in a large ranking game. Ding Junhui trailed Trump 2-4 by a strong 7-1, winning a total score of 9-5, and Trump becameDing Junhui was one of the witnesses of the five crowns in a single season.If you count the small and large professional events, since the 2013 Champions League third group finals, Ding Junhui has maintained a three-game winning streak against Trump.It is no wonder that after Ding Junhui won Higgins in the second round a few days ago, he confidently stated that if he encounters Trump this time, he is confident that he can win.  In the end, Ding Junhui met Trump as expected.The same place, the same event.For Ding Junhui, this is the real battle of revenge after the 2011 World Championships.I believe Ding Junhui himself has been looking forward to this opportunity for a long time.  Judging from this season alone, Trump’s condition is better, but don’t forget, Ding Junhui became the absolute king of a season last season.So after a lapse of four years, the two met again on some of the heaviest occasions, and Trump would like to repeat history, which may not be so easy.The quarter-finals still use 25 innings and 13 wins. The first stage of the match between the two will take place at 17:00 Beijing time on the 28th.(Moline)