Wrestling!The prototype of the female protagonist of Dad will debut in Beijing

“Wrestling!”The prototype of the female protagonist of Dad will debut in Beijing
Sauna, Nightnet Wu Jiang photo Two years ago, the movie “Wrestling!” Starring Amir Khan!Dad won nearly 1.3 billion box office in China.This film is based on the true story of the Indian wrestler Mahavira Singh Perga family. Singh cultivated four daughters and two nieces into a fall champion, breaking through the “female in India”= The traditional definition of “weak” encourages countless women to chase their dreams.This week, “Wrestle!”The prototype of the female protagonist of Dad, Singh ‘s third daughter, Ritu Foga, came to Beijing to participate in the ONE Championship, which was also her first show from falling to fighting general combat.  There was still some confusion when transforming “face-to-face”. From the evening of November 13th, a fighting club near Wangjing, where the open training for players of the ONE Championship Beijing Station was arranged here.  A rest area was temporarily built in the corner of the boxing ring, where seven upcoming boxers were doing preparations.Standing with high-level boxers Roman Kellyak, Tariq Babez and others, Ritu Phogat, 24, is too petite.The Indian girl is quietly preparing for the event. She will be the first player to appear on stage.Retu Foga only switched from wrestling to integrated fighting in March this year. The ONE Championship Beijing will be her first match in integrated fighting.  If you have seen or heard of “Wrestling!”In the inspirational film “Daddy”, you should know that the two heroines in the film, Gita and Babbitt, have become champions of fall under the training of their father.Ritu Foga and her sister are the prototypes of Gita and Babbita in the film.  In the 5-minute training class that day, Ritu only did some simple hand target training, but it was enough to arouse the interest of the media and boxing fans.After signing a championship game in March this year, it was the first public training of Ritu. The striking “falling ears” recorded her identity as a falling hand.  Tomorrow night, Ritu will usher in her mixed martial arts debut, against South Korean player Kim Nam Hee.In the face-to-face moment after the open class, Ritu Fo and the stage bowed with a smile, and Jin Nanxi returned his gift with his hands folded, completely without the hot scenes common in this step.The modest attitude of the two also made the on-site MC a bit anxious, “This is a good sister!”From a crash to a full-fledged combat, another skill that Ritu wants to learn is to get used to a variety of different occasions.”Face-to-face” can make Ritu a little overwhelmed. She doesn’t even know how to pose with the media’s lens.At the prompt of Jin Nanxi, the two opened their postures and smiled before a match.  ”This is my first show in the ONE Championship. I was very excited and even a little nervous.”Ritu on the field will burst out with endless passion, but off the field is a quiet girl who likes cooking.Ruitu revealed that he likes to cook Indian food. Every day, training and catering is done by himself. On weekends, he likes to invite friends to come home to cook and chat together.Clear thinking.”Growing dad is an enlightenment coach and life tutor. Ruitu was born in an Indian wrestling family. Both his grandfather and his father are wrestlers.””At the age of 8, Ritu began to practice wrestling with his father and sisters.Ritu ‘s father Mahavira Singh is an Indian wrestling champion. He also trained four daughters to become champion-level wrestlers.  In 2016, at the Commonwealth Games in Singapore’s antiques, Ritu received a 46 kg freestyle fall gold medal.After that, Ritu also won the silver medal in the World Youth Championship and the bronze medal in the Asian Championship.  Rita’s eldest sister Gita is the first female champion to break in Indian history. She won the women’s 55 kg gold medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.At the 2012 London Olympics, Gita became the first Indian female wrestler to participate in the Olympics.  In addition to training four daughters to become world champions, Mahavira Singh also sent two nieces to the Indian Wrestling National Team.In the 2018 Asian Games women’s wrestling freestyle 50 kg class in Jakarta, Venash defeated Japanese player Yui Tali 8-2 to win the championship. This is the first Asian Games gold medal in the Indian fall event. Venash is the cousin of Ritu.  ”Dad will always be my wrestling enlightenment coach and mentor in my life.”Ritu said that her parents had planned to come to Beijing to watch her mixed martial arts debut, but she couldn’t get out of it because she wanted to control her sister’s wedding.”  At the end of 2016, the story of the Ritu family was adapted into the movie “Wrestling!”Dad, Bollywood superstar Amir Khan plays Mahavira Singh.For this film, Amir Khan suddenly increased by 28 kg.  During the filming process, Amir Khan became a good friend with the Ritu family. “We have a lot of interactions in private. Amir Khan is one of the best stars in Bollywood, but he has no shelf in life. He is a very kind.people.”Ritu said.  As a sports movie on women, “Wrestle!””Dad” caused a phenomenon-level discussion after it was released, and it also broke the traditional concept of “female = weak” in India and inspired many people.  ”It is an honour that our family can be replaced as a representative of the crash project.Before this, our story was only famous in the wrestling circle.But after the movie was released, especially because Amir Khan appeared, not only in India, but also in many countries, because of this movie, Indian wrestling itself was known.”Ritu said it was an honour to tell you about the development of wrestling in India through such a movie, and I’m very happy that more women are being inspired.”  Looking forward to using the field performance to tear off the “movie” label movie “Wrestling!”Dad inspired many women to chase their dreams and challenge themselves.The Ritu family also became role models for countless Indian women.Now, Ritu decided to challenge himself again.  In March this year, Ritu signed a contract with the ONE Championship to switch from falling to comprehensive fighting. “I am the first of the four sisters to switch from falling to comprehensive fighting.After talking with my family, I got the support of my father and sisters.”Ritu revealed that he began to pay attention to comprehensive fighting in 2012.””I like everything that this sport needs.”Ritu said that he has the basis of wrestling, and ground technology will be a big advantage, and it is not difficult for her to become an integrated fighting player.  After the decision to transition, Ruitu has been training in a boxing gym in Singapore, replacing boxing and jujitsu.Ritu, who has been training in competitive sports since childhood, adapts quickly. “India has fallen into fame now, but we do not understand comprehensive combat. I hope to get the first world championship on behalf of India.”In the same way that everyone knew about falls, Ritu also hoped that through his own efforts, India would learn about mixed fighting.” When I was going to try mixed fighting, I didn’t know how many people were practicing in India and where I could train.”Ritu said she always wondered why no Indians participated in the combined fighting?Why doesn’t India have a world championship in mixed fighting?”This is my goal for general combat. I always focus on some other aspects and some unique hobbies.”Falling down is even a close-knit project, but comprehensive combat should be” gentle “enough.At the beginning of the actual combat, Ritu admitted to being a little scared, but never regretted it, “I have never regretted my choice since I started wrestling with my father at the age of seven or eight.”In the past 8 months, Ritu has been training precise techniques and has not specifically prepared for Jin Nanxi.Ritu said that she is only focusing on the improvement of her overall strength, so that no matter what opponents she encounters, she can handle it well.  Tomorrow night, Ritu will be welcoming her first mixed combat show at Wukesong Stadium. She said she is ready, “” Wrestle! “”Dad” is a label that others put on me. Most people know me because of this movie.But I am now a mixed martial arts player, and I will use the performance on the field to tear off the labels that others have attached to me.”Writing / Sauna, Night Net Sun Haiguang