Let’s talk Beckham’s shuttlecock said that a couple at home is not as good as a pet

“Let’s talk” Beckham’s shuttlecock said that a couple at home is not as good as a pet
On the evening of April 20th, Beckham recorded the CCTV speech program “Let’s Start” in Beijing, and the scene was very popular.In the show, Xiaobei talked about the biggest task in life today: “Being a good dad”. Even the screensavers of mobile phones are pictures of four children.Beckham’s family (data map) talked about his career struggle history. Beckham said that although there were setbacks and mistakes along the way, having positive convictions in the face of difficulties is the secret to his survival.He also did not forget to “coach” Chinese fans to claim that he can have today’s achievements. The support of Chinese fans is also an indispensable part: “I love China very much, and there are countless people who have supported me all the time.”In guessing the popularity of the Brazil World Cup, Beckham said that England, Brazil, Argentina and Spain are the most likely teams to win.”Let’s talk” Beckham Sabenin kicked the shuttlecock after retiring and talked about his current life. Beckham said that the biggest task at present is “to be a good dad.” He also laughed and said that he was ranked 7th next to his home: “Victoria and 4A child and pets are in front of me.”He exposes that his three sons sometimes make troubles, but he does not mean to change, hoping that they will grow up freely.  Talking about the little girl “Little Seven”, Beckham smiled and said: “I know everyone likes her. The cute little seven now sings every night and loves to watch Frozen.On the spot, Beckham learned to speak Chinese under Sabinin’s “difficulties”, and played shuttlecocks to entertain the audience.