The posture of digshanking in rural areas is very embarrassing?


The result is very sad

The posture of digshanking in rural areas is very embarrassing?
The result is very sad

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to health, and yam is one of the very good health foods. Therefore, more and more people have planted yam in recent years.

In a news accident, the farmers who saw the yam were digging the yam in the field. They felt that they were really not easy. The sadness behind them was not known to outsiders.

Since the yam is not yet mechanized, and the demand for yam on the urban surface is increasing, so there is more and more planting.

Although this also increases the income of the growers, since the yam itself is brittle and fragile, it must be dug by hand.

And because the yam is big and long, if it is cut and soiled, it becomes a defective product, and it is worthless.

To avoid the damage caused by the cut, they usually have to be extra careful when digging.

It is necessary to dig forward little by little along the growth of yam. Some yam is up to 2 meters long, which means that they should dig at least 2 meters underground. Carefully hold the fine roots and slowly dig them in.Dig out it in perfect condition.

An adult can dig about 300 meters a day. This short 300 meters, they have to bend over 1500 times.

Usually, when you dig a yam, you have to change a few postures. When you bend over and get tired, you dig and dig. When you are tired, you sit and dig. When you sit on your legs, you will dig.

So repeated, so the free radicals and even the hair are covered with soil.

If you dig up the finished yam products, you will have a high point. If you dig up the yam, the work will be greatly reduced.

An adult with very good physical strength, hands and feet, and a few mouthfuls of rice at noon, began to work, and the daily income is only about 200 yuan.

Knowing the behind-the-scenes, we can understand that their posture when they dig yam labor is a bit awkward, but it is not serious.

They are for their livelihood, and in order to improve their lives, this posture is the most beautiful posture of the workers.