Nutrition recipes

Nutrition recipes

The author has talked about some flavor alternatives to pig hands such as “Hawthorn Juice Pork Hand” and “Shajiang Pork Hand”. The recommended “Snail Meat Pork Hand” is also an example.

The combination of seafood and meat is mainly because these two types of ingredients are complementary in nutrition and taste.

The snail meat is rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, iron, and calcium. It is combined with pig hands rich in protein, which is suitable for eating and nutrition, and has a reasonable nutritional mix. It is worth promoting.

  Ingredients: 100 grams of snail meat, 400 grams of pork hands, 15 grams of garlic (undressed and crushed), 20 grams of ginger slices, 15 grams of shallots, star anise, seasonings of chilli, salt, sugar, ginger, wine, oyster sauce, pepperPowder, peanut oil each amount.

  Method: Wash the snail meat and use the water for spare time; wash the chopped pork hands and use ginger juice and wine for the water; use the oil in the saucepan, sauté the garlic, ginger slices, and spring onions, and stir-fry for a while with the pig’s hand on the fire.Water and star anise, tanned peel, snail meat, oyster sauce, seasoned with salt, sugar, and pepper.

Don’t sweat too much when practicing yoga in spring

Don’t sweat too much when practicing yoga in spring

Everyone knows that the year’s plan lies in spring.

Spring is the season when old students are born and new ones are brought. At the same time, it also releases the physiological energy accumulated in winter.

Have you rested for a winter, did you start the spring exercise at the same time?

For women, spring is more suitable for gradual, open exercises, and a certain type of yoga is particularly suitable.

It can not only help women burn their aunts and calm their minds, but also detoxify and rejuvenate, so that women can greet the summer with glory.

  Yoga can unite the body and mind. Yoga is an ancient sport that originated in India and is popular all over the world.

It helps humans reach their full potential by raising awareness.

Yoga posture uses ancient and easy-to-master techniques to improve people’s physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual abilities. It is a way to achieve the harmonious unity of body, mind, and spirit.

  The benefits of practicing yoga are many.

For example, it can relieve stress and anxiety, calm the mood, balance glandular secretion, treat obesity, irregular menstruation, relieve joint pain, increase secretion and secretion inside the joint cavity, and so on.

  Practicing yoga in spring also has a detoxification effect.

In the spring, the wind is beautiful, and all things are germinating. For the human body, its physiological changes mainly have the following aspects: First, the blood and blood activities are stronger, and the metabolism starts to flourish; second, the human liver corresponds to the spring, and liver functionsIt is relatively vigorous in the spring, and the specific manifestation is that the main liver is sparse, and the function of the main liver is gradually enhanced.

From western medicine, the liver is the chemical factory of the human body. It excretes all the toxins in our diet. Among the five internal organs of the human body, only the liver can be regenerated after cutting away a part.

Practicing more yoga asanas and breathing in the spring will cause women’s livers to become active, accelerate detoxification, make the skin younger, and the human body intervene.

  Do n’t sweat too much in spring yoga. Although yoga is gentle and suitable for almost everyone, there are too many precautions.

  First, don’t practice shortcomings that exceed your limits.

Asanas practice their own body. Each person’s physical condition is different, and the degree of practice is different. Some people are more flexible, some people are more balanced, and some people are more powerful. Actually, how to exerciseIt’s all your own tension, so you don’t have to compete with others. As long as you feel good, you are better today than yesterday, and you are successful.

  The second is not to practice in a windy place. The place to practice should be hot and cold.

The ancients said that “spring covers autumn and freezing”, windy in spring, and wind evil is the main factor of the external feeling of spring disease, it may cause various infectious and epidemic diseases, such as cold, tonsillitis, pneumonia, etc.

Practicing yoga in windy places is not good for health. Not only does it fail to exercise, it is also easy to catch a cold.

Because yoga is easy to sweat, the body’s pores will open as soon as you sweat. At this time, if the cold wind blows violently, the cold air will penetrate directly into the body, causing the body’s various tissues and organs to cause a sharp “cold shrinkage” phenomenon and cause variousKind of discomfort.

  Third, don’t sweat too much to prevent the yang in the body from leaking.

If you exercise a lot, you will sweat.

Women who are losing weight are even more anxious to sweat every time they exercise.

However, in the spring, the yang energy rises and everything recovers. Like other living things in nature, the yang energy in the body begins to erupt. At this time, if you sweat too much, you will hurt the vitality of the person and cause symptoms of excessive fatigue.
Therefore, when we are exercising in the spring, we should grasp a degree, that is, just sweating, don’t make ourselves too tired.

  The fourth is that the asana is mainly flexible and balanced.

Throughout the cold winter, the human body seems to be curled up, so the most suitable thing to do in spring is to contract the exercise to awaken the body.

Contracted and balanced yoga poses can not only achieve stretching and massage effects, but also avoid excessive exercise, excessive sweating, and damage to yang.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to bring help to friends who love yoga.

Is it easy to get acne when washing your face in cold water-

Is it easy to get acne in cold water?

The reason for avoiding washing your face with cold water in summer is very simple, just as it is often encountered in daily life, once hot oil encounters cold water, it will immediately solidify into thick oil.

One can imagine that when sweat, greasiness and dust accumulate on the face, wash your face with cold water immediately, which will greatly affect the effect of washing your face and cause subsequent problems.


hzh {display: none; }  有的人大汗淋漓地从外面回到屋里,图一时的凉爽,打开水龙头就用冷水洗脸。However, people may overlook this point, that is, sweat on the face, and the temperature of the skin will be relatively high. Without full cooling, the sudden stimulation of cold water will cause the skin pores to shrink and cause oil in the pores.Sweat cannot be washed in time.

The consequence is that the skin’s pores are enlarged, and sensitive skin may even be acutely inflamed, especially oily skin is more prone to acne and acne.

8 types of foods that help the body eliminate toxins

8 types of foods that help the body eliminate toxins

People produce various toxins every day due to digestion and absorption of food and exercise.

After the toxin is produced, if it cannot be eliminated in time, it will cause damage to physical health.

Today, I will take a look at the most susceptible toxins in the body, and tell everyone the best foods for detoxification in each part.

Detoxification of large intestine by whole grains1, defecation: difficulty in defecation, and sometimes even defecation for more than 3 days.

Over time, it can cause abdominal pain and increase the risk of bowel cancer; it can also make the skin rough.

  Detox food: It is estimated that foods rich in fiber, such as miscellaneous grains, beans, sweet potatoes, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Normal bowel movements every day can prevent diabetes, hypertension heart disease, gallstones, hemorrhoids, colorectal cancer, etc.

  2. “Bad cholesterol”: It accumulates in the body for a long time, which can easily lead to arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Detox food: increase the absorption of sesame, soybeans, fungi, kelp, and laver, which can prevent the increase of “necrosis” in the body and avoid the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3. Thick blood: Long-term accumulation increases the risk of arteriosclerosis and thrombosis.

  Detox food: natto, garlic, ginkgo, plain water.

  4, visceral feces: people who are overweight, especially those who are obese, will accumulate a small amount of viscera, which may lead to excessive heart rate, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, etc.

  Detox food: Oolong tea, green tea, recognized capsaicin food; eat more vegetables, eat meat and staple food in moderation.

5. Free radicals: With the increase of age, the long-term accumulation of oxidation becomes more and more obvious, the various organs in the body gradually increase, the immunity decreases, and they are prone to chronic diseases.

  Detox food: fungi, cruciferous vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables containing vitamins C and E.

  6. Hyperglycemia: If you often feel thirsty recently, the frequency and quantity of urination increase, but you will lose weight with eating, and your blood sugar may increase.

High blood sugar can cause diabetes and its complications.

  Detox food: eat more foods containing trace element chromium, such as whole grains, beans, dairy products, lean meats, black pepper, cocoa powder.

Chromium can not only promote the role of insulin, promote protein metabolism, but also prevent arteriosclerosis.

7, lactic acid: often feel heavy, back pain, very tired.

Long-term accumulation can induce rheumatism, cancer, etc.

  Detox food: B vitamins, such as pasta, dairy products; vinegar.

  8. Alcohol: Excessive dependence on alcohol can lead to alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis.

  Detox foods: water, shellfish, curry, recognized protein foods.

Five high-risk personalities for babies

Five high-risk personalities for babies

In the first few years of a new life, personality bias is -0 worthy of parental attention?
A 3-year-old baby is affected by her genetic qualities, living environment, and the conscious or unconsciousness of her parents. Some personality deviations will appear in the body. If the parents ignore these deviations, these deviations may become the main personality of the child in the future development process.Characteristics; If parents are conscious to correct these deviations, the child’s growth will be healthier and smoother . Personality is biased towards 1 delicate and pitiful sensitive Ge Jiao Jiao, as his name is, hiding behind his mother shyly, tightlyTugging her mother’s corner of her clothing, she peered half her head at the stranger she met for the first time.

Her mother tried to break free of her pull and wanted her to say hello to the stranger, but immediately made her very nervous, and the whole person hid behind her mother.

The helpless mother had to explain “this child is like this, especially timid”, and then turned around and dragged Jiao Jiao in front of her again and again, “Come out, what are you afraid of!

“Just in this process, Jiaojiao cried in a low voice,” Don’t be afraid, be brave “is the mother ‘s earnest hope for Jiaojiao, but it ‘s not Jiaojiao ‘s ownHope it!

However, in many occasions, Jiao Jiao will often and naturally show a kind of nervousness and flinching. This is a personality tendency of her. The typical characteristics shown are: 1.

She showed unusual sensitivity to the external environment, and a slight change in the outside world made her nervous and upset.


Interpersonal skills are relatively poor, and I like to play some games that I am familiar with quietly.


Behaves relatively slowly; emotions are calmer.


Recognized as high and unwilling to express their requirements.

  Love reminds that in the face of Jiao Jiao’s timidity and sensitivity, an impatient mother often loses control of herself and loses her temper, but her irritability makes Jiao Jiao more timid and cannot really help Jiao Jiao grow.

  Overcoming personality bias is a relatively slow process. In this process, the mother may also need to make new adjustments from the following aspects: 1.

In the process of contacting and adapting to the new environment, Jiao Jiao needs her mother to accompany her. On the basis that Jiao Jiao gradually became familiar, her mother consciously allowed Jiao Jiao to express herself.

For example, Jiaojiao is going to enter kindergarten, and mother can take Jiaojiao to play in kindergarten in advance; after entering kindergarten, mother can accompany Jiaojiao to play in the class for a while before leaving, so that Jiaojiao is gradually familiar with the new environment.the process of.


The task of setting up the “recent development zone” challenges and stimulates Jiaojiao’s inner ability.

The so-called recent development zone refers to a level of development that Jiaojiao has not reached at present but can achieve through its own efforts.

For example, Jiaojiao is currently unwilling to say hello to strangers, and her mother can guide Jiaojiao to take her mother’s hand and turn to the front.

  The character is biased towards a bold and persuasive adventure. He suddenly saw a glass product placed in the bookshelf and was tired of toys. He immediately asked his mother, “I want to play, I want that tiger, I want .”My mother immediately opened Qiangqiang’s cartoon on TV and wanted to shift Qiangqiang’s attention, but in this short process, she found that Qiangqiang had climbed to the back of the sofa, and Qiangqiang was thinking obliquely.Stand up . The horrible consequences made mothers have to hand the glass tiger to Qiangqiang, but after a while, the mother heard the sound of Qiangqiang pushing the glass tiger forward . Qiangqiang always makes her mother nervousIt ‘s tight. He may touch the switch of the water dispenser for a while. He may climb the window sill a while . Although his strong forehead has been thrown out of the big scar and his butt has been taught by his father many times, he still keepsGet in trouble and do some very dangerous things . In fact, strong is a risk-taking personality. The typical characteristics of this personality are: 1.

Always in an emotional state of excitement, habitually touching things, kicking the surrounding objects with his feet.


Act according to your own ideas, never consider the consequences, and remember the lessons you have learned before.


Likes to attack, invades others, and has strong rebellious psychology.

  A reminder of love: Qiangqiang’s risky personality biases both his father and mother. He and his father have taught Qiangqiang many times with a slap, and the mother has been trying to lure him with a “good baby”.changes happened.

then what should we do?


Create a quiet and peaceful family atmosphere, reduce or eliminate some sources of violent stimuli, and enable Qiangqiang to engage in reading or handmade activities in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, thereby reducing the possibility of his risky behavior.


Set rules for strong behaviors, and resolutely constrain strong requirements and behaviors in accordance with this rule.

For example, for some decorative items, they can only be viewed but not used as toys. Under this rule, there is no consensus or condition exchange between mother and Qiangqiang.

No matter what the strong and strong demands and the adventurous behaviors, the mother cannot allow him to take the item.

Only in this way can Qiangqiang enhance his risk-taking behavior and not necessarily satisfy himself and learn to give up.


For the strong risk-taking personality, the mother can first control his impulsive emotions from the outside, and then gradually let him learn to control himself. Instead of triggering his negative emotions because of his strong behavior, he can cause further negative hints to his strength.  Personality biased towards 3, especially the “good” indifferent mother who has always been very fortunate, her own family is particularly good.
Eating and dressing is also at the mercy of the adults; guests come and go, and Mum goes out, but Mengmeng doesn’t care . But when Mengmeng enters the nursery, he shows a little alienation from other children.Children’s bullying will not fight back; they do n’t predict the teacher ‘s praise, and they do n’t seem to care about the teacher ‘s criticism . Meng Meng ‘s obedience makes her mother relax her attention, which makes Meng Meng have more time to be alone.Music, while little attention is paid to changes in the external environment, and develop a personality tendency that is indifferent and insensitive to the external environment.

The typical characteristics of this personality tendency are: 1.

He rarely shows an ordinary child’s interest in the external environment. No matter what happens, whether he is happy or not, he has no obvious response.


More docile, but behavior and life are very regular.


Rarely can you express your emotional needs clearly.


No one showing a fixed intimate attachment.

  A reminder of love: In a society where the emotional intelligence of the participants is involved, Mongolia’s indifference and insensitivity may affect her future development, so it is important for the mother to take early, and early measures can be taken to help Mongolia to change this indifferent personality biasSpecifically, the measures a mother can take are: 1.

To reduce the time when Mengmeng is alone or with Mengmeng alone, parents should spend more time with Mengmeng, communicate more with Mengmeng, and less criticize Mengmeng, help Mengmeng open his heart, and express his emotional needs safely.


Mom and Dad can create more opportunities to help Mengmeng make some friends, so that Mengmeng can learn interpersonal communication, learn to actively express themselves, experience the fun of the game, and understand the feelings of others in the process of playing with others.

Moms and dads can take them out for a while, and stimulate their interest in the external environment through changes in the environment and the emergence of novel stimuli.


Mom and Dad can guide Meng Meng to replace small animals, so as to inspire Meng Meng’s love and responsibility.

  Personality is biased toward 4 impulsive and tired people. A child that kindergarten teachers like and have headaches. He likes him because of his intelligence and cuteness, and “headaches” to him because of his “irregular discipline”.

He always likes to move around, not to play tricks on other children, or to suddenly push the blocks he just put together to the ground, or he can walk around in the class, but ca n’t sit quietlymeeting.

Of course, there is something wrong with describing him this way, because Weiwei can sit quietly for half an hour before his favorite cartoon, but other than that, it seems difficult to find other “magic” that can make Weiwei sit quietly.For a while . Although Weiwei was able to “sit down” in front of his favorite cartoon, but he “sit up and down” most of the time and occasions, which shows that he is a child with a hyperactive height and he has a certain impulse.The typical characteristics of personality bias and category bias are: 1.

There are many things I like to do, but it is difficult to focus energy on certain things, and my favorite things are only three minutes hot.


Entropy is plentiful and behavior is hyperactive, but sometimes I can occasionally focus on and study things, although the time is very short.

  Reminder: With regard to Wei Wei’s personality deviation, mothers can pay attention to the following aspects when helping Wei Wei: 1.

Starting from the environment, reducing the strange and diverse stimuli and temptations in the environment, so that Weiwei can engage in purposeful activities in a familiar environment more naturally and quietly.


Set goals and develop patience.

For example, Wei Wei ‘s step-by-step ability expansion training is given different levels of rewards depending on how long Wei Wei persists during the activity.


Parents should pay more attention to the process of towering activities, and reduce the attention to the results of towering activities, and build towering internal interest in activities, so that the parents’ external control of towering activities can be transformed into towering internal constraints on activities.

  Personality is biased towards 5 stubborn stubborn stubborn children. Although a person is small, he has a strong temper. Once he recognizes something, he will persist in the end.

The mother promised to take Lele to the zoo on the weekend. On the weekend, it was rainy, so the mother cancelled the plan.

But Lele insisted and kept crying, “I’m going to the zoo.
The zoo . “Lele’s persistent behavior reflected his stubborn personality bias. The typical characteristics of this personality bias are: 1.

On some things that involve Lele himself, if his parents ask for his opinion, whether he understands it or not, he will issue his own requirements and opinions.


Willfulness and repeated insistence on his opinions; scolding has no obvious effect on him.

  Love reminds this waywardness of Lele that parents should pay attention to the following aspects in the process of handling: 1.

Focus on your child’s inner real needs.

When a child insists on his unreasonable demands, perhaps his purpose is to attract parents’ attention.

When a child is capricious, parents should not use their own “capriciousness” to fight the capriciousness of the child.
When necessary, it may be appropriate to “concession”, first of all to satisfy the child’s heart, and then educate him to bear the consequences of his own behavior, to avoid similar behavior from happening again.


Parents can also inspire children in daily life to learn to solve problems from multiple perspectives, increase the way children think and solve problems.

Love unfortunate woman five tips for self-help

Love unfortunate woman five tips for self-help

If a man is only derailed physically, not mentally, OK!

There is rescue.

  It’s the old-fashioned irrational way to spread the ugliness of the home and the bottom of the box.

I don’t want to think about it myself, so I will tell my friends and cry with my family.

If there is a problem to solve the problem, don’t think that his affair has nothing to do with himself.

  As long as you still love him and he loves you, don’t give up.

Love is kindness, love is tolerance, love is responsibility, without love, you must be separated.

Because no expert can teach people to love.

The perfect housewife in Desperate Housewives, her husband wants to divorce, and packs things apart first. She did not cry, did not threaten suicide, and was even very cool.

  She actively consults with marriage counselors and maintains some falsehood before the children.

This is like a good manager. The image of a strong iron hand will depend on the role of stability and unity.

Her killer in defending the marriage is: Asking to give up her favorite in the divorce agreement, but to take away her husband’s favorite.

A man is an animal of reality. He intends to compromise with reality, not to mention that the love between them is not broken.

  If you have reached the best time to get married.

And he didn’t mention it. When you pressured him, he proposed to break up.

  This is really an unfortunate thing that has never happened before.

How to do?

Begging him to change his mind?

Forget it, give up, he can play such a trick on marriage, even if such a man is tied to you, he will not be able to leave you someday.

  If you can find him, talk to him for a long time to understand his trueness.

If you find him, look for the classic Japanese drama “Long Holidays” to recharge yourself.

No one will be more “humiliating” than Miss Nan. The wedding is about to begin, but the groom has evaporated, and she has spent most of her savings on marriage.

But after all, the sky did not fall down, nor did the World War break out, and life should continue.

If life is not satisfactory, we will slow down and adjust our mindset.

Just when the painful period is a long holiday arranged by fate.

During this time, we heal, recover, and let life wait for the next wonderful time.

  If your next one is not as good as him at all, or you are still alone, and his young one is worse than you.

  There are really many such things.

And you often have a narrow path, not because you have to meet weekly because of your child’s problems, or that she is simply your colleague or even a friend.

Gathering the thirds of the brothers Haibian, this is the most hated behavior of “Jiaodian”.

Don’t embarrass a woman!

Even a terrible woman.

  What you have to do is calm, his life has nothing to do with you.

If you can’t calm down, pray for a caring person to take care of you like the single mom in Desperate Housewives.

Don’t be sad about such things.

History often develops in a spiral upward trend.

You may be about to be in love with him, he turned around and begged you to come back to him, because the young woman abandoned him.

At this time, you remember, as the saying goes: good horses don’t eat reed grass.  What if he says he doesn’t love you for any reason and wants to break up with you?

  Everything is under his control, what is he saying?

Absolutely not.

For such a permanent end, love needs no reason, and there must be a reason for breaking up.

  Calmness is the most important. Last date with him, ask him to explain why.

Your reason is: make sure that people die to understand, so as not to fall in the same place in the future.

Look at the reasons he put forward, and then give evidence to your story.

If it is a marriage and a long-term cohabitation relationship ends, let him make some financial concessions appropriately.

  ”It’s not that you lose him, the material life will be much worse, and even find a balance point so that friends will not cry more than a grudge.

Said a newly divorced girlfriend.

To make the world a better place, men had better be generous.

  If he is ambiguous with you, he seems to have the intention of socializing, but he invited you to eat a lot of meals, watched a few movies, and wanted to give you drinks several times.

what should you do?

  This is a game. When the timing is immature, don’t drink too much alcohol, and don’t stay alone with him for too long.

Learn the white tassel in Love in the Fallen City, both active and passive.

Completing the game for men and women is troubled times and disaster.

In peaceful times, lonely people are just having fun for their emptiness.

  This man is a bit tricky. He wants to give you the opportunity to take the initiative and make your emotional city fall.

In this way, he doesn’t have to be responsible if he loves it or not. He can come whenever he wants, and leave whenever he wants.

Even if you are lonely and thirsty for this selfish sucking ghost man, you can’t make it.

Although modern women are economically independent, with extraordinary vigor, do not check posts, do not monitor, do not need his wallet, but still want to enjoy the feeling of being loved, petted, and sought after.

  Some survey data show that in the past year, on average, more than 4,000 couples in China declared marriage breakdown every day, and the divorce rate was about 30%.

This shows that Chinese people’s loyalty to marriage is declining.

This is an age of too much love.

Therefore, how to defend your love has become a compulsory course for everyone in love.

Baby shed tears, don’t be careless

Baby shed tears, don’t be careless

[Introduction]It ‘s normal for a baby to have more tears when he ‘s emotionally excited or when his eyes are exposed to external stimuli, but if he ‘s still in tears in a calm state, do n’t take care.Some people have red signs of eye diseases, so you need to take your baby to the doctor.

Outpatient medical records: Xiao Jianing was born just 2 weeks ago, and Mommy found that she was always tearful, even when she was quiet.

Mommy heard that little babies have very few tears. Is their own baby a little special?

But after a few days, the baby not only shed tears, but also had overlapping secretions in the corners of his eyes.

what happened?

Mommy couldn’t help worrying.

The doctor said: The abnormal increase in baby’s tears is a red flag, and it can be seen in many eye diseases.

1.Neonatal dacryocystitis experts analyze that in the baby’s recombination after birth, because the lower end of the nasolacrimal duct is not fully developed, it is closed by a residual film, causing the lacrimal duct to separate.

Once a secondary bacterial infection occurs, the eyes will shed tears and pus, which is neonatal dacryocystitis.

Mummy can observe 1.
After the baby is born, she has tears.

2.There is pus through the corners of the eyes.

After a few days of tears, while the baby was crying, there was a sticky yellow and white pus in the inner corner of the eye; in the morning, there was a lot of eye secretions.

3.It is usually monocular.

Mummy’s simple judgment method * Use your fingers to press the baby’s inner corner skin, and you can observe that yellow and white pus is replaced from the inner corner.

* If it is an acute attack of dacryocystitis, the skin around the inner corner of the eye will appear red and swollen, and the baby will cry uneasily because of pain.

Doctor Therapy 1.
Massage + medicine massage baby put the skin slightly below the corner of the eye (lacrimal sac area), can open the lower mouth of the nasolacrimal duct; combined with antibiotic eye drops to point the eye.

With the baby’s own development and treatment, most children with neonatal dacryocystitis can be cured.

2.Lacrimal passage irrigation or probing If the above treatments are not effective, if the baby is older than 5 months (some doctors are suspected to be older than 7 months, or even 10 months), lacrimal passage irrigation or probing can be used, if necessaryTube treatment.

2.Congenital eyelid inversion eyelash experts analyze congenital eyelid inversion eyelashes, which is the upper edge of the lower eyelid or upper eyelid tilted toward the eyeball (more common in the lower eyelid inversion), causing the eyelashes to fall to the surface of the eyeball, generally twoEyes develop simultaneously.

Mummy can observe 1.
Baby eyelashes fall over.

The baby’s lodging eyelashes contact the surface of the eyeball, irritating the cornea (the surface layer of the black eyeball) and the conjunctiva (the surface layer of the white eyeball) causing the child to cry.

2.Baby always winks or rubs his eyes.

Eyelash irritation irritates the eyeball, and the baby will be very uncomfortable, often blinking and rubbing his eyes unconsciously.

3.Baby eyes are red.

The eyelashes fall over the eyeballs, rubbing the surface of the eyeballs like a brush, and the white eyeballs will become red and red. In severe cases, the surface of the black eyeballs may be turbid like frosted glass.

Doctor Therapy 1.
Take your baby to check regularly. If the eyelashes are not obvious and the irritation symptoms are not serious, you can observe it. Regularly (usually once every 3-6 months), you can go to the hospital for eye examination.

With age, when the eyeballs grow up, the tears and irritation symptoms of multiple congenital palpebral inversion eyelashes can be improved or eliminated.

2.If necessary, if the baby is 6-7 years old, the inverted eyelashes are still obvious, and the irritation symptoms are still severe; or although the age is 6-7 years old, but the eyes are crying, the symptoms of redness and redness are very serious, and there are white spots on the corneal surface.You may need to do ectroplasty surgery.

Surgery is relatively simple. In most cases, skin overlap is not required, and only suture replacement can be used to correct it.

Very few children need skin to be completely corrected.

3.Neonatal pus leaking eye expert analysis of neonatal pus leaking eye is also known as “gonococcal conjunctivitis”. Both eyes develop simultaneously due to vaginal secretion infection of the mother who was implanted with lymphococcal vaginitis at birth.

In severe cases, corneal ulcers may occur in several days or even hours, which seriously affects the baby’s vision, and even causes blindness due to corneal ulcer perforation and pancreatitis; it may also be accompanied by purulent inflammation in other parts of the body, such as dacryocystitis, jointsInflammation, meningitis, pneumonia, sepsis, etc.

In recent years, after the resurgence of various sexually transmitted diseases, neonatal pus leaks have gradually increased, and it is worth vigilant!

Mummy can observe 1.Eyes are afraid of light and tears.

Usually onset 2-4 days after the baby is born, the light is slightly stronger, the baby will close his eyes, show discomfort, and tears are obvious.

2.Red eyes and edema.

The eyelid and white eyeball surface (bulbar conjunctiva) is red with obvious edema.

3.There are plenty of yellow discharges possible.

The secretion is serous at first, and then quickly turns into purulent, which makes it difficult for the baby to open his eyes.

Doctor’s treatmentLocal drug treatment generally uses 3% boric acid water or 1: 10000 potassium permanganate solution to repeatedly flush the eyes to remove purulent secretions.

Excessive local drop of penicillin solution in the eyes, 0%.

3% ofloxacin eye drops, or ofloxacin eye ointment, erythromycin eye ointment.

2.Systemic medications were given to baby penicillin, ceftriaxone, and sodium cefthiazol sodium.

3.Family members must undergo distance inspection and treatment. If the baby’s family is infected with gonorrhoeae, they should also be actively treated immediately to prevent the baby from being infected again.

4.Congenital lacrimal dots and lacrimal canal atresia or lacrimal canal and lacrimal canal specialists analyze that the baby placed in congenital lacrimal dots and lacrimal canal atresia or lacrimal dots and lacrimal canals is a relatively rare congenital tearDevelopmental abnormalities.

Some babies may have cysts in the lacrimal sac area, which will gradually grow.

If secondary bacterial infections occur, the eyes may experience redness, pain, and ulceration of the lacrimal sac area.

Mummy can observe 1.
Baby shed tears.

Babies continue to shed tears after birth, and generally do not have bacterial infections, so there is no pus.

2.Little tears cannot be seen in the baby’s eyes.

In healthy people’s eyes, the inner corner of the eye is about 3 mm. At the junction of the skin and the red mucous membrane, there is a small position on the upper and lower eyelids. There is a small hole in the center of the small position, which is the tear point.

Simple identification with neonatal dacryocystitis If it is congenital lacrimal dots and lacrimal ductal atresia, blocking the inner corner of the eye, no pus is replaced from the inner corner of the eye, and children with neonatal dacryocystitis have yellow-white pus from the inner cornerOutflow.
Doctor Therapy 1.
Observation + follow-up As long as you pay attention to observation at a young age, go to the hospital for examination when the condition changes, generally there is no special treatment.

If there is local redness, pain, and ruptured pus in the lacrimal sac area, surgical incision and drainage and medical treatment are needed.

2.After 18 years of age, the patient can be treated with lacrimal-nasal canal catheterization after surgery. The lacrimal duct can also be transplanted with autologous saphenous vein or lip mucosal transplantation to drain the tear fluid into the nasal cavity.

Experts remind mommy!

1.Eye diseases such as conjunctivitis, keratitis, blepharitis, and lacrimal glanditis can also cause tearing.

However, the tears caused by these causes are usually more obvious in the primary disease and can be easily identified. Usually, after the primary disease is cured, the symptoms of tears are eliminated.

2.The cause of the baby’s tears is more complicated, and the treatment methods are not the same. It requires an experienced doctor to diagnose and treat.

If mommy finds that her baby has tears, don’t take the medicine by herself, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible to avoid delaying the illness.

Ganoderma helps relieve menopause symptoms

Ganoderma helps relieve menopause symptoms

Menopause refers to a stage in which a woman transitions from childbearing to old age, that is, a period in which women’s ovarian function gradually declines to disappears, generally 45-55 years of age.

Menopause syndrome refers to a series of physiological, psychological and other symptoms of a variety of symptoms caused by changes in physiological functions and endocrine disorders after the body enters menopause.

The main symptoms are cardiovascular symptoms, psychiatric symptoms, and metabolic disorders caused by autonomic dysfunction.

Due to the accelerated pace of life, mental stress, lack of sleep, lack of vitamins and trace elements, reduced activity, coupled with excessive, chronic diseases and other reasons, leading to menopause age earlier, many women have menopausal syndrome around the age of 35, academicThe so-called recessive menopause.

This phenomenon is not only related to the human body’s own physiological factors, but also to social factors.

  Menopause syndrome is a common disease, frequently occurring, long duration, and difficult to treat.

At present, menopausal syndrome western medicine mainly adopts hormone replacement (HRT) treatment. Although the effect is positive, clinical practice has found that long-term use of estrogen can increase the incidence of endometrial cancer and lung cancer.

The treatment of menopausal syndrome with traditional Chinese medicine can significantly improve symptoms and reduce complications. Earlier HRT treatment has certain advantages.

  Lingzhi is a very precious medicinal flour. Lingzhi has a mild temperature, a special gas and a slightly bitter taste.

The country’s original monograph on medicine, “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”, listed Ganoderma lucidum as the top grade, called: “The medicine on the top, the wonderful recipe in the recipe.”

In recent years, studies have shown that ganoderma can regulate hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis function, improve ovarian function, delay ovarian aging, have certain effects on the regulation of neuroendocrine-immune network, can improve the immune function of perimenopausal women, and prevent bone mass.Looseness, regulates the central and autonomic nervous system, delays aging and improves immune function, and has obvious hypnotic and analgesic effects.

4 nourishing and nourishing herbs for winter

4 nourishing and nourishing herbs for winter

Winter diet should be based on nourishing kidney.

This is especially important for weak women.

Today, Xiaobian introduces 4 winter health diet dishes for female friends. You must pay attention to health diet!

The time is midwinter, the cold condenses the ground, the sun is hidden, and life is in a state of dormancy and hiding.

According to the Five Elements Theory, the kidneys of the human body in winter correspond to the kidneys, and the cold is the heaviest in winter, which easily damages the yang in the kidney.

And Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the innate foundation, and the kidney yang is the root of yang.

  If the kidney yang is deficient, the warming effect of yang in the entire body will decrease, usually manifested as cold pain in the waist and knees, chills and cold, cold hands and feet, frequent urination, decreased libido, premature ejaculation and so on.

  Therefore, the health in winter must comply with the laws of nature’s closure, and the basic principle is to dispel cold and protect the sun.

And the yang in the kidney depends on the nourishment of the subtle substances absorbed by the spleen and stomach in the acquired spleen and stomach. Therefore, taking the traditional Chinese medicine for warming the kidney yang is also an important measure for health in winter.

  Recommend a feasible and feasible traditional Chinese medicine diet for warming kidney yang.

  1. Suoyang aphrodisiac porridge ingredients: Suoyang 10 grams, mutton 100 grams, rice 100 grams.

  Method: Finely cut the lamb.

First fry the Suoyang, remove the residue, add mutton, and cook the rice with porridge.

  Efficacy: This product has the effect of warming the kidney and nourishing the kidney, suitable for the weakness of waist and knee caused by insufficient kidney yang, chills, cold limbs, impotence, premature ejaculation and constipation in the elderly.

  2, mutton soup with mutton and mutton soup: 600 grams of mutton, 20 grams of mangosteen, 20 grams of cistanche, 20 grams of longan

  Method: Cut the mutton into boiling water and cook for 5 minutes. After picking up and washing, put it into a clay pot, cook until the water is boiling, add the mangosteen, Cistanche, longan and ginger slices, and cook on medium heat for 3 hours., Add fine salt and season.

  Efficacy: This product has the effect of nourishing the kidney and warming the sun, strengthening the body.

Suitable for those with cold hands and feet, soft waists and knees, frequent urination, constipation, and impotence.

  3. Fennel kidney material: 90 grams of pig kidney, 6 grams of cumin.

  Method: Fry the cumin for a while in a hot pan, and break into fines after being crispy.

Remove the film from the pig’s waist, wash it, use a sharp knife to draw a mouth about 3 cm in length from the side, then expand it into a triangle, then insert the fennel, and use a string to wind the opening tightly for use.

Set the pot on medium heat, pour in the marinade, adjust the taste, add the pork loin, and boil it for 30 minutes after boiling, remove the lumbosacrum, and slice and serve.

  Efficacy: This product has the effect of nourishing kidney yang, dispersing cold and dampness, and analgesic.

Suitable for those with kidney yang deficiency caused by chills, cold limbs, lumbago, coldness, or sexual dysfunction.

  4, Zhiren kernel porridge materials: 50 grams of rice, 5 grams of Zhiren kernel.

  Practice: Research the puzzle kernel into fine details.

After the previous rice is washed, add it to the casserole, add water, boil it with Wuhuo first, and then boil it into a gruel with gentle fire.

Transfer the Zhizhi Zhiren and a small amount of refined salt, cook for a while, and wait until the porridge is thick and cease to fire.

  Recommended: Old Chinese Medicine Kidney Tea Yangshen Bushen Guangdong Herbal Tea Granules http: // www.


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Eat tomatoes can cure 10 kinds of diseases

Eat tomatoes can cure 10 kinds of diseases

Introduction: Health check: eating tomatoes can cure 10 kinds of diseases, prevent cancer, and treat hypertension (Figure).

Tomato is the most common and cheapest food in our daily life, but the nutritional value of tomatoes is very high.

Want beauty?

Want to treat high blood pressure?

Want to prevent cancer?

It’s easy to eat tomatoes.


Anti-cancer: Because tomatoes are rich in nutrients, and have certain heat-relief and detoxification, suppressing effects, insist on raw food 1?
2 fresh and ripe tomatoes, which can take advantage of anti-cancer and adjuvant treatment of cancer; 2.

Treatment of hypertension: choose 1 every morning?
2 fresh ripe tomatoes dipped in sugar on an empty stomach to eat, the effect of lowering blood pressure is obvious; 3.

Treatment of skin diseases: peel the fresh and ripe tomatoes and smash the affected area after the seeds, 2?
3 times, can cure fungus, infectious skin disease; 4.

Beauty, anti-aging: smash fresh and cooked tomatoes and add some sugar, and apply it every day to make the skin delicate and smooth, and the anti-aging effect is very good; 5.

Treatment of anemia: one tomato, one apple, 15 grams of sesame, one at a time, eat 1 daily?
2 times, long-term adherence, can cure anemia; 6.

Cure the ulcer: For patients with mild peptic ulcer, you can mix the squeezed tomato and potato juice with half a cup and drink it, once a day, morning and evening, even 10 times, the ulcer can be cured; 7.

Hepatitis: take one spoonful of diced tomatoes, half a spoonful of celery, carrots and lard, stir in boiling water and bake in rice porridge, add salt, and consume MSG in the right amount, which has an excellent effect on treating hepatitis;

Heat stroke prevention: Will 1?
2 tomato slices, similar to salt or sugar, boil hot soup to prevent heat stroke; 9.

Decrease the fever: Mix and stir each half cup of tomato juice and watermelon juice, drink once every hour to reduce the fever; 10.

Treatment of bleeding gums: Wash the tomatoes as fruits and eat them for half a month to cure bleeding gums.

  However, when eating tomatoes, there are a lot of stresses. Tomatoes of different colors have different effects on the human body: ◆ Red is strong and causes lycopene, which is good for preventing cancer.

  ◆ The orange lycopene content is less, but the carotene content is higher.

  ◆ Pink contains a small amount of lycopene, but carotene is very little.

  ◆ Light yellow tomatoes contain a small amount of carotene, but do not contain lycopene.

  ※ If you want to meet the requirements of vitamin C, you can use all kinds of tomatoes. The key is to choose fresh, seasonal and strong flavor products. ※ If you want to add antioxidant ingredients such as lycopene and carotene, you can choose a dark red color.Or orange, not pink or light yellow.

  Although tomatoes are good, they are not suitable for eating at all times. You need to know some food taboos: (1) Not suitable for consumption with cucumbers. (2) Not suitable for taking anticoagulant drugs such as heparin and dicoumarin. (3) Not suitable for consumption.(4) Not suitable for unripe tomatoes (5) Not suitable for long-term heating after cooking (6) Do not eat when taking neostigmine or galantamine