Chinese medicine massage burning your aunt

Chinese medicine massage burning your aunt

[Introduction]Body fatness is caused by too much, consumption is less than reserves, accumulated over time, so weight loss is to burn these misfortunes.

Massage to lose weight, just find the right acupuncture points, grasp the method, can promote weight loss.

  First, Zusanli point massage weight loss method 1.

One of the three fingers is lower than the inside of the three feet.

It is a long-lived acupuncture point for strengthening the body and can treat symptoms such as abdominal distension, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, and weakness of the limbs.


The position of three fingers wide with the inner toes up in the three vagina sex.

It is especially suitable for waist and foot cold and enhancing the disease resistance of reproductive organs.

  Massage weight loss method: 3 inches below the outer knee, about three fingers on the lateral side of the upper bone is Zusanli point.

Press your thumb on the hole repeatedly and rub it 120 times.

  Second, pressure four points massage weight loss method 1.

The middle position of the middle of the chest and the navel is especially effective for people with low stomach immunity.


Qi Hai’s belly button is wide to the next finger, which has a good effect on mental disorders and depression.


Guan Yuan’s belly button is 3 fingers wide down, which has a relief effect on colds such as abdominal cold.

  Massage weight loss method: 1. Using both hands, apply lotion to the lower abdomen and waist from right to left in a large way, and draw circles 5 times in a row.

  2, from the top of the top to the waist in a circular way to push 5 times.

  3. Starting from the top and bottom of the lower abdomen, massage the waves with your hands overlapping 3 times, and then massage in the same direction with gentle pinching 5 times to promote slight decomposition and drainage.

Hepatic cirrhosis health massage four methods

Hepatic cirrhosis health massage four methods

For patients diagnosed with compensated cirrhosis, it is necessary to ensure the law of life, and after the festival, when it is suitable for the time, it is appropriate to wear it, and the temperature is moderate.

Can participate in general light physical labor, but pay attention to work and rest, avoid moderate and severe physical labor; for patients with decompensated cirrhosis, the general condition should be rested, and those who have complications must be absolutely bedridden and hospitalized.

  During the recovery period of the disease, the patient can exercise health massage according to the condition.


Liver fibrosis cirrhosis health massage massage part: the main massage hair side chest flank evil massage method: right hand raised, elbow joints, palms try to lift, with the palm roots under the arm, push one hand down,Use force to stabilize, and lighter and lighter.
To a certain degree of transparency.
The propulsion speed is slow and uniform.
There are certain rules in the movement.
  Repeatedly rubbing the number of times 10 times, with warmth and comfort as its method has the function of soothing the liver and qi, dissipating the swelling of the Sichuan 2 .

Alcoholic cirrhosis massage method massage parts: the main massage chest Deng.

  Massage method: use both hands to smear from the top, the force is light and heavy.
Generally light at the beginning.
It is heavy in the middle and light at the end, so it is repeated about 30 times.

  This law has the function of clearing the heart and calming the blood.
It can accelerate the metabolic breakdown of alcohol in the liver.


Wide chest and smooth massage method: the patient is supine, the fingers 5 fingers are slightly separated, shaped like a comb, from the chest to the two rib sides, respectively, along the ribs to comb, open the hands of symmetry, focus and ease.

  This method is mainly used for chest and chest depression, with dredge meridians, wide chest and smooth air.

Avoid rubbing, rubbing, etc., which may damage the surface of the skin during operation.

Female patients should not use this technique.


Walking and walking is a good way to exercise yourself.

Take a walk indoors and walk in the suburbs. The time for walking is about 20 minutes.

fJ “takes it after dinner.

  If you have the conditions, arrange the time properly and devote yourself to nature.
Traveling through the mountains, there is great stress on the body.

In the trees and flowers, the air is fresh and refreshing.
The body is comfortable.
Heart is god.

The chest is cheerful.
Eliminate morbidity and promote health.

When walking.
You don’t have to be hasty, time is up, just ask for happiness.

How long does it take to bathe before going to bed?

How long does it take to bathe before going to bed?

A healthy body is the foundation for each of us to live, work and learn better, and is the primary indicator of doing anything.

Health requires an optimistic and cheerful attitude towards life, and health comes from our good habits every day.

Life Family Xiaobian has selected some health care knowledge, health tips, to help you better, more scientifically adjust your body, and spend every day healthy and happy!

  There is food hygiene during meals, eye hygiene when reading books, and hygiene standards when sleeping.

Now take a look, are you sleeping well?

  Bathing before and after sleep, the best effect is to bathe 2 hours before bedtime.

  Sleep often comes after the body temperature drops, and the hot water bath raises the body temperature, which causes the brain to release “sleep hormones.”

If you can only take a bath before going to bed, you can use a wet towel to cool your forehead for 5 minutes after the bath, let the body temperature fall back to normal level, and fall asleep as soon as possible.

  Wake up and bathe In order to promote wake-up in the standard of sleep quality, one of the internationally accepted indicators is “the second morning feeling”. If you feel good spirits, even if the sleep time is short, it is considered that the sleep quality is good.

After the morning, a bath with a slightly lower water temperature can refresh our spirit and improve the satisfaction of sleep at night.

Natal-year mentality transfer

Natal-year mentality transfer

“You are all twenty-four, it’s time to consider this problem .” The aunt in the movie “Birth Year” told Li Huiquan that a unemployed young man just released from prison had only one missing picture of his mother at home.Xiaofen married, and was saved by several hundred dollars. The grandfather Cui Yongli only calculated and used him. The secret showgirl was finally packed by the grandfather . Finally, Li Huiquan was robbed after being robbed in the park, and was against the flow of people.In the process, the curtain fell down, and the brutal youth came to an abrupt end.

The title of “The Year of the Birth” is in line with the traditional ideal of the “hitting a hurdle” of people, and Li Huiquan, who is not across the hurdle.

More people, in their “reincarnation” in the twelve-year cycle, wear red underwear and red belts, and they must avoid the evil of the Chinese New Year in order to prevent possible “bad luck.”

  The natal year is “evil-proof” into traditional red underwear, red underwear, red belt, red socks . The mother Liu Jie who is buying “red dress” is not for a happy “Santa” cosplay, but for the natal yearThe child prepares an “avoidance tool”.

“If you are too old to sit in front of you, there is no harm in happiness.” She said that she has a friend. When shopping at the end of the year, she always buys some red belts or socks, and even transfers beads.”Sister”, the name is “Sister (Relief) Salvation”.

  Regarding the complex of the natal year, it seems difficult to separate it from the folk traditions. After inheritance and interpretation of the ancestors, the heavenly branches and zodiac signs are part of the culture of the Han people.

  How did Liu Xinwu walk through the hurdles of his birthday?

  Liu Xinwu wrote an article entitled “Kaner through the Birth Year”, mentioning that the first “Kan” in the Birth Year was during the child’s “early growth” period, when he lost his childhood precocity or his heart stagnation. “”Psychological narrow door” period, it is very important to get guidance from the teacher at this time; The second “hurdle” is a psychologically dangerous period for the twenty-four-year-old. For young people entering the society, the social diversity makes them overwhelmed and easy to block the confusion.Or extreme, just like the 24-year-old in “Birth Year”, fights, killings are single and simple patting bricks, stabbing a knife, extremely subversive and destructive.

Either draw a clear line between Chu and Han between the society and the self, especially if you are afraid of elders, leaders, authorities, strong men, and find a way to improve yourself. The balance between “Angry Youth” or “Yong Qing” needs “excellent culture”Third, the four “hurdles” can be summarized as a middle-aged crisis. This is a period of rapid maturity and success. It is caused by day and night, unwillingness and helplessness in the kitchen, and self-expansion to aggressiveness, mistakes, and illegality.Or consciously “have no chance” and get desperate, or jealous of others’ success, cowardice, confusion, and migration; Until the 60th year of the fifth “Kan”, it is the time of rapids and retreat, many people are planted in wine and wealth.

While indulging in nostalgia and the past, it may also be cynical, suspicious, and never get used to new things.

When all five “hammers” in a lifetime have gone through, they will generally no longer slap, and their psychology will become more and more calm.

In addition to the self-diagnosis and autonomy of the five “hurdles”, it is the inseparability of relatives and the abandonment of friends.

  The twelve-year cycle is growth rather than a simple cycle. “This seems to be a cycle.

“Said Lu Yue, a senior psychological counselor at Beijing University Yanyuan Bosi Psychological Counseling Center.

Reincarnation, often associated with nirvana and rebirth, these words are like snake molting, which contains the meaning of sharpening and renewing.

  “在现实而非宗教层面上,这种十二年的轮回,正好符合东方式的成长中的‘柳暗花明又一村’的轮回,而非‘大江歌罢掉头东’,它是在螺旋上升的Complete gradual and complete growth in the process.

Lu Yue said that, unlike the single-line “life-cycle theory” summarized by Western Erikson and others, the more profound significance of the change in the form of reincarnation is growth, rather than a simple cycle.

  And in the natal year, people who seek help from “wearing red to avoid evil”, “They just try to control their lives.

“It’s like walking on a bustling street, a fortune-teller ran into you, and told you that it was difficult for you to get dark.

At this time, quite a few people will stop.

“Because their sense of security is not strong enough to accept the uncertain present and future.

In addition, Lu Yue feels that people have a hurdle of twelve years, and there is a mentality of “calculating the general ledger”: the twelve years of calamity broke out in one year, and then they were free and easy.

And the arrival of each “Kan” reminds people to always maintain a sense of awe and mystery about nature.

The need for mystery and awe in the past was a desire to fuse with a wider existence, but now it is a need for its own ability boundaries. The entire human race needs to know that they cannot dothing.

  The support mentality is positive and not afraid to maintain the normal mind in the natal year: “the state is created by the heart” is too high, but “the heart wants everything to succeed” can always try?

The more you worry about it, the chances of it happening will scale, and you might as well think about it, “It’s only once in twelve years!

“Positive cues like” My Year of the Birth “may really be good luck.

Even if something bad happens, it is likely to be encountered every year, but you think the year of the “native year” is very special.

  Look rationally at the problem: Well, the problem has already happened, and you can’t look at the “birth year” like this.

It is most important to maintain a positive attitude. This time, don’t give yourself some excuses for liability.

Treating customs as fashion: Whether you wear red underwear or pads with red insoles, it is good to experience pre-planned commercial gimmicks in a business society. It can follow the trend of “avoiding evil” and is also a fashion mentality.

Beizhikang 900g golden infant formula with whey protein

Beizhikang 900g golden infant formula with whey protein

Beizhikang 900g golden infant formula with whey protein (3 steps 1?
3 years).

  The World Health Organization and UNICEF have jointly called for breast milk replacement.

Refer to the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO / WHO) and the Chinese Nutrition Society to recommend daily supplementary nutrient supply instead of consuming this product. It should be supplemented with supplementary food and additional α-lactalbumin.To the content in breast milk, containing taurine, to promote brain derivation and optic nerve development. Add DHA, AA, the real “brain gold” combination α-lactalbumin can provide amino acid combinations closer to breast milk, improve protein bioavailability, reduceProtein protein, which effectively reduces the burden on the kidney. Alpha-lactalbumin also contains neurotransmitters that regulate sleep, helps infants sleep, promotes infant brain development, and enables children to have good emotions since childhood.

Four types of mother-in-law

Four types of mother-in-law

Remember that there is only one woman in the world who won’t be jealous of you, your biological mother.

Although your mother-in-law is about the same age as your mother and you call her mother, she will never be your mother.

  The widow mother-in-law has worked hard to raise her son, always worried that her son married his daughter-in-law and forgot his mother.

When she had such anxiety in her heart, she was easy to eat the daughter-in-law’s vinegar, and often angered the daughter-in-law.

Her son is more filial than ordinary people. When he listens to his mother’s ridicule, he will turn to his mother, or knows that his mother is wrong, and dare not turn against the elderly.

  Risk index of mother-in-law relationship: ★★★★★ Get along with suggestions: Remember that only one woman in the world will not be jealous of you, it is your biological mother.

Although your mother-in-law is about the same age as your mother and you call her mother, she will never be your mother.
So she also has the psychology of ordinary women.

In her eyes, you are a young woman, and a son she raised so hard now cares for you.

So you, the aggressor occupant, must be careful about the fragile anxiety and loss of your mother-in-law.

Always remember that mother-in-law is a woman.

  The only mother-in-law is a mother-in-law who has given birth to several daughters and finally won a man.

When you are living together, your mother-in-law often compares her youth with you, and it is easy for each other to have frictions in life concepts.

  Risk index of mother-in-law relationship: ★★★★ Get along: In the eyes of mom, son is the best man in the world, no faults and no mistakes.

Even her husband’s misdeeds can only be closed behind your door to private education.

You can’t seriously reflect the situation with your mother-in-law.

Complimenting your husband’s benefits in front of her mother-in-law is definitely the most useful thing for her mother-in-law.

If there is nothing to brag about, it’s best to close your mouth and think about this question-what kind of husband is this for?

  Broken-hearted mother-in-law Broken-hearted mother-in-law has few reading books and does not understand human circumstances. The most headache for her daughter-in-law is that this mother-in-law loves to care.

There are some small things in life. If you don’t do it right or make her happy, she will follow you.

  Mother-in-law relationship risk index: ★★★★ Get along with suggestions: Mother-in-law needs education.

Do not think that this is an outrageous idea.

Although her mother-in-law is the least person who cannot afford to commit crimes, it is by no means a clever woman to obey it.

Action education is always more effective than verbal education. Mother-in-law is an elder. She will never listen to your juniors to “teach” intently. Only through direct actions will she recognize your position and principles, and she can treat them with respectYour relationship.

  Old concepts are deeply rooted. Old mothers are usually stubborn. Their frugal instincts are the marks of decades of poverty-stricken poverty.

But her mother-in-law, who is too old-fashioned to accept new things, is a headache for her daughter-in-law.

He can’t accept modern people’s evaluation and consumption concept. The changing life will make her lose her sense of security, and she will be dissatisfied with you, and the propaganda will be angry.

Turn the definition of daughter-in-law into an image of a “loser.”

  Mother-in-law relationship risk index: ★★★ Get along with suggestions: Change it little by little, you can’t expect a 60-year-old mother-in-law to fully accept your form and consumption outlook overnight.

Don’t take it too fast, it will affect her little by little. Over time, it will change.

If it is not fair for her to force her mother-in-law to adapt to us, she will feel that she has lost control of her life and that her juniors will not respect her.

Once the resistance has arisen, it has become more difficult to change her frugality and nostalgia.

  Your boyfriend’s mother may not be your enemy, but it may affect your life’s happiness, so before deciding to spend the rest of your life with him, it is best to understand his mother and prepare for it as soon as possible.

A woman who refuses to be spotted

A woman who refuses to be “spotted”

Did you take a closer look at your face-why are there so many small spots all of a sudden?
The flickering freckles turned out to be brown!
Could it be that this fall, she just started to be a “spotted” woman?
  How are spots generated?
  Under the “attentive” care of summer ultraviolet rays, the caseinase enzymes in skin cells are activated and produce oxidation, which stimulates the cells to produce excessive melanin.
Coupled with the occasional small loopholes in sun protection and maintenance work, after about 28 days of the metabolism cycle, melanin will settle on the face without interest, forming small spots with different colors now.
  Although UVB in ultraviolet rays in autumn and winter is less intense than in summer, the intensity of UVA is about the same at any time of the year.
UVA not only causes pigmentation, deepens skin tone, but also penetrates into the skin, damaging its supporting structure. In addition, the concentration of ions in the air in autumn is thinner than in summer, and the probability of ultraviolet absorption is still high.
Therefore, even in this cool season, if you ignore the ultraviolet rays that are always taking care of us, it is reasonable to have more spots on your face.
  Freckle removal in spring makes you feel so comfortable If you choose the best time for freckle during the year, it is undoubtedly autumn and winter.
The air temperature around 20 ℃ is refreshing and pleasant. When the body and mind and skin feel comfortable, it is most conducive to the absorption of ingredients of freckle products, and it is also an ideal time to repair damaged cells.
  Of course, removing spots is only the first step in the entire freckle procedure. Repairing and preventing bounces from spots is an important part of making the skin white and flawless.
Since it takes at least 20 days to get rid of the spots, it is almost late autumn or even winter, and the biggest enemy of the spots, ultraviolet rays, is no longer raging. Repairing and preventing rebound is easy.
  The freckle action has begun. How to drive away these uninvited guests and return a “clean” face?
As long as you do the following, you will have great surprises and gains!
  First, carry out sun protection in the end Sun protection is the most important part of freckle removal, but also an important factor to prevent speckle rebound.
Although the sunshine in autumn is not as “hot” as in summer, the presence of UVA will still make you “discolored”!
  Tips-When you go out, don’t forget to apply sunscreen, choose the SPF value of 15; bring a sun umbrella for emergency use.
  Second, regular exfoliation 的 The fall in temperature in the fall will make the skin’s metabolism slow and the stratum corneum thicken as a result.
Although the horny layer originally protects the skin from damage, too thick cuticles can greatly weaken the skin’s permeability and weaken the skin’s absorption of active ingredients in freckle products.
  Tips-choose a mild exfoliating cream (does not hurt the skin, the most important for freckle skin), use once or twice a week.
When using, the intensity should be light, first apply the exfoliating cream on the face, leave it for about 3 minutes, and then use circular massage to peel off the dead skin.
  Third, accompanied by freckle cream In fact, not all freckle creams on the market have mercury and lead levels that exceed standards, but we must choose products with good reputation and reliable quality.
  Tips—When choosing a freckle cream, in addition to identifying whether there is a special cosmetic use symbol QG, you should also look at the shelf life; choosing a freckle cream that is similar to the freckle time and skin metabolism cycle (28 days) is more scientific andsafe.
  When applying freckle cream, first rub the forehead and nose that are not easily absorbed, and then wipe the cheeks, carefully avoiding the corners of the eyes and mouth; apply at least half an hour before going to bed at night, and let it penetrate into the skin before falling asleep.
  4. Visit a professional beauty salon 护理 If you are worried that you are not so patient, go to a professional beauty salon for care.
High-quality beauty salons can provide comprehensive services to solve allergies and other problems that may occur during the freckle process; the beautician will also tell you how to cooperate to achieve the best results.
  Tips-Don’t pursue the sky pavilion of “3 days freckle” and “10 days skin rejuvenation”; when the treatment course is not over, less soy sauce and heavier pigmented drinks.
  There are two magical methods for freckle removal. One cannot be less. Overcome the anxiety. The courage and determination of a woman to pursue perfection is unparalleled.
But once you find that you have freckles, you have a heavy burden on your back, and often sigh or even feel anxious.
As everyone knows, over-anxiety will consume vitamin C, which has the effect of lightening spots in the body, making the spots more flooded.
  Get enough sleep 不足 Insufficient sleep is always pain in the skin.
If you miss the golden sleep time from 10 pm to 3 am, even if you try your best, it will be difficult.
Therefore, calm down and go to sleep will help your sunburn to “spot” earlier.

Dysmenorrhea medicated conditioning formula: Tianqi egg soup

Dysmenorrhea medicated conditioning formula: Tianqi egg soup

Hawthorn ginger candy soup 15 grams of hawthorn, 20 grams of fresh ginger, 20 grams of brown sugar, decoction, 1?
2 times.

  Tianqi egg soup 2 eggs, Tianqi 6 grams (broken), 10 grams of artemisia leaves, 15 grams of ginger, boiled. After the eggs are cooked, remove the shells, put them and cook again.

After cooking, drink juice and eat eggs once a day.

  Pork trotter ginger-gui soup 2 pig trotters, 15 grams of ginger, 6 grams of ground cinnamon.

Wash the trotters first, cut each into four pieces, place them in a casserole, and cook on high heat.

Add ginger and ground cinnamon to the pot and decorate the pot, and simmer over low heat until the trotters are cooked and eaten.

  San Di Gui Chicken Soup Codonopsis 30 grams, Bei Di 30 grams, Angelica 20 grams, 1 old hen (hair removal, offal) washes.

Divide Codonopsis, North Quan, Angelica sinensis into chicken belly, and boil it with fire and stew.

When cooked, add salt to taste, eat meat and soup, 2 times a day.

  Egg Gui Jiang Tang 1 egg, angelica 15 grams, dried ginger 5 grams, red dates 15 grams (coreless), citrus peel 5 grams, rice wine 220 ml.

Boil angelica, dried ginger, and rind with water and boil for 30 minutes, remove the slag, break up the eggs and rice wine, add red dates to the medicinal sauce, and boil until the red dates are rotten, drink soup, eat dates and eggs.

Improper dry sister 6 moisturizing sprays help

Improper “dry sister” 6 moisturizing sprays help

资生堂SHISEIDO水活焕妍舒缓喷雾  滋润程度 ★★★★  用后感想:个人不是很喜欢这款产品,使用过几次,但是喷上去时会有黏黏的感觉,皮肤也感觉有些油腻,特别推荐To “dry sisters”, it can quickly help the skin get rid of tiredness and dryness, and quickly restore bright and moisturizing to reach the moisture balance.
It has a good astringent effect on the pores. After using it for a period of time, the skin will obviously feel more delicate and whiter.
  Editor’s comment: It can replenish skin moisture at any time and quickly relieve hot and stressed skin, help skin to get rid of tiredness and dryness, quickly restore brightness and moisture to achieve moisture balance.
It is cool and gentle to use.
Suitable for dry skin.
Convenient to carry, suitable for people who often go out.
  Shuizhi’ao H2O Eight-Cup Water Series Ocean Moisturizing and Firming Spray Moisturizing ★★★ Feelings after use: I usually face the computer in the office all day, turn on the air conditioner, my face is particularly dry.
I want to buy a spray that can replenish water at any time, but after spraying some of the spray, the water on the face will evaporate, and the face will become drier and even a little painful.
But this spray does not dry out due to evaporation, which means that it contains moisturizing ingredients, which is good.
  Editor’s comment: Quickly penetrate water and nutrients to maintain skin nourishment balance.
Soothes and repairs damaged skin cells, restores tired, dry skin and restores its radiance, leaving it as young as new.
Gently spray on the makeup, it can make the makeup more close and beautiful.
Suitable for anyone of any skin type.
  Herborist Moisturizing Long-lasting Spray Moisturizing Index ★★★★ 感 After using it, I feel: I haven’t used a moisturizing spray very much. This spray is quite comfortable.
The overall feeling is relatively mild, and it can be absorbed by the skin quickly. After use, the skin feels smooth, and the nozzle design is reasonable and easy to use.
In addition, this spray is tasteless and feels pretty good.
  Editor’s comment: The unique formula containing natural extracts such as mulberry skin and natural mineral water is refreshing and soothing, and stimulates the skin’s own moisturizing and balancing function.
At the same time, the skin is replenished with moisture, and the water-locking factors penetrate quickly to form a protective film, which keeps the skin moisturized and smooth at all times.
  Yiquan URIAGE Revitalizing Spray Moisturizing Index ★★★★ 感 Feel after use: The mineral content is really high. The most important thing is its isotonicity. It doesn’t need to be dried and it is very convenient.
The nozzle is particularly good, and the water mist is very fine.
The water mist is very dense, and it really is called a mist. The spray range is more suitable.
The moisturizing effect is really good, it is the best in the spray I have used.
  Editor’s comment: The natural Yiquan isotonic hot spring water spray is rich in minerals and trace elements at 11,000 mg / l. The content of silicon, calcium, manganese, zinc, and sodium is particularly rich.
Can promote skin metabolism, enhance skin tolerance, protect skin from external stimuli.
Suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin.
  蝶翠诗DHC补湿喷雾化妆水  滋润指数 ★★★★   用后感想:身处空调环境的办公室中,不知不觉中,肌肤变地得越来越干燥,到最后只想着怎么给它“”Add water” and “spray” naturally became the first weapon.
I have always been in love with DHC, and the spray is no exception. Just a light spray at any time and anywhere can eliminate dryness and maintain supple skin.
  Editor’s comment: A spray-type lotion with herbal extracts can be sprayed lightly on any skin when it feels tight or dry, and the fine mist immediately gives dry skin moisture, effectively tightening the skin.
It can be used as a lotion in the office to prevent dryness or before applying a mask. It is also suitable for travel and to prevent skin problems at any time.
  Clinique倩碧水嫩保湿喷雾   滋润指数 ★★★   用后感想:放在办公室用用不错,迅速补水,而且是雾状的,对于长期呆在空调房里的jms用很好哦,携带方便,当皮肤When you need it, you can replenish water anytime, anywhere to clean your skin.
And it has a soothing and soothing effect on the skin. It can be used with cotton pads and homemade masks, which can alleviate skin pressure for a day, is very moisturizing, and the effect is very good!
  Editor’s comment: It can quickly and easily inject a large amount of moisture into the skin, relieve skin thirst, restore moisture balance, and strengthen the skin with a bio-active moisturizing compound formula.
Suitable for all skin types, can be quickly absorbed by the skin, and the skin feels smooth and tender after use.

Can polish a woman’s desire from personality expressions

Can polish a woman’s desire from personality expressions

When a woman has a secret desire to have sex, only when two people have the same rhythm, can the thrill be like turbulent waves, irresistible to the climax.

How do you know if she and you can find this unspeakable tacit rhythm?

Let’s start by observing your personality.

  The pace is in line with your heartbeat. Be a smart man. Don’t be fooled by her excessively external things like her red lips and twisted waist. These can only show that she has more meaning than other women.Her performance on the bed was even stronger.

If your personality can always find a rhythm that makes you particularly comfortable with each other, there is never a blank that you don’t know how to place, and your feeling points to talking to yourself, with a natural familiarity and tacit understanding.

Don’t skip these. Maybe she’s sitting opposite you and wearing a little unpolished to be sexy, but chances are she will be a good partner on your bed.

  ”Courtship between animals often seeks to find similar behaviors and patterns of expression.

“This is instinct.

If she never tells a joke and you do n’t know how to answer the story she tells, then you may have a hard time building a true quality relationship.

  She suggested that you might not like a woman who has to make her own decisions everywhere, but if every time you ask her on the phone what she wants to eat at night, you will always get “you say it”, “anything can”, “anywhere”You have to be careful.

For a woman who does n’t even pay attention to her appetite, do n’t expect too much of her clear movements in bed. In all likelihood, “I do n’t know, what do you want to do?

“Although this attitude is easy-going, it is too lacking in passion and initiative.

You may be comforting yourself because she is too pure, but you must know that a woman with a talent for sex does not need to experience countless experiences to summarize their preferences, and they know how to take responsibility for their pleasure.

As a man, at least you admit that your pleasure will double when she has pleasure.

  So when you invited her for dinner, she happily, let’s go eat Thai food together.

Congratulations, this is a good sign.

  She is slender but eats well, paying attention to the way she eats.

Usually a person who is not very hungry but still eats at the end of the dish and starts to eat the first time often enters the scene very quickly, it is easy to be ignited, but it is also easier to get bored, and pleasing her need to change the method often.

But this does not mean that she will be a woman who doesn’t pay much attention to foreplay. You must know that 80% of women regard foreplay as life-threatening.

A woman who pulls a long line during a meal is often very endurance. In all likelihood, she is a person who likes to slowly enjoy the sex process.

If you are always tempestuous and stormy, she may not be disappointed, but you will not be a good lover in her mind.