Let’s talk Beckham’s shuttlecock said that a couple at home is not as good as a pet

“Let’s talk” Beckham’s shuttlecock said that a couple at home is not as good as a pet
On the evening of April 20th, Beckham recorded the CCTV speech program “Let’s Start” in Beijing, and the scene was very popular.In the show, Xiaobei talked about the biggest task in life today: “Being a good dad”. Even the screensavers of mobile phones are pictures of four children.Beckham’s family (data map) talked about his career struggle history. Beckham said that although there were setbacks and mistakes along the way, having positive convictions in the face of difficulties is the secret to his survival.He also did not forget to “coach” Chinese fans to claim that he can have today’s achievements. The support of Chinese fans is also an indispensable part: “I love China very much, and there are countless people who have supported me all the time.”In guessing the popularity of the Brazil World Cup, Beckham said that England, Brazil, Argentina and Spain are the most likely teams to win.”Let’s talk” Beckham Sabenin kicked the shuttlecock after retiring and talked about his current life. Beckham said that the biggest task at present is “to be a good dad.” He also laughed and said that he was ranked 7th next to his home: “Victoria and 4A child and pets are in front of me.”He exposes that his three sons sometimes make troubles, but he does not mean to change, hoping that they will grow up freely.  Talking about the little girl “Little Seven”, Beckham smiled and said: “I know everyone likes her. The cute little seven now sings every night and loves to watch Frozen.On the spot, Beckham learned to speak Chinese under Sabinin’s “difficulties”, and played shuttlecocks to entertain the audience.

700-ball club is not the end, Ronaldo substitutes a world record

700-ball club is not the end, Ronaldo substitutes a world record
This penalty was the 95th goal of Ronaldo.Beijing News News C Ronaldo entered the 700-ball club. For such a shooting machine, this achievement will not be embarrassing.In his next career, there is another record waiting for him to break, that is the record of the total score of the national team.>>> Cristiano Ronaldo joined the 700-ball club. In the historical data of world football, the record of the total number of goals of the national team is maintained by the legendary Iranian star Ali Day.The Iranian is also the only player in history that has scored hundreds of goals.Soon, Ronaldo will become the second national team to score more than one hundred goals.After playing with Ukraine, Ronaldo has scored 95 national teams in his career.Considering that the remaining two opponents of the European Cup qualifiers, Lithuania and Luxembourg, are weak, Ronaldo is likely to score more than a hundred on the national team in 2019.On August 20, 2003, in Portugal’s 1-0 victory over Kazakhstan, 18-year-old Ronaldo completed the debut of the national team.In the 2004 European Cup opener, Portugal lost to Greece 1 to 2 and Ronaldo scored the first goal of the national team.In the past 16 years, Ronaldo has played 163 times on behalf of the Portuguese national team, scoring 95 goals. The goal team has won 1 European Cup and 1 European League.Of Ronaldo’s 95 national team goals, 44 came from home, 36 came from away, and 15 were scored on neutral courts.These 95 goals appeared in 63 games. Portugal won 52 of them, tied 5 games and lost 6 games.At the national team level, Ronaldo has yet to break through the goals of France, Germany, Italy and England.Although Cristiano Ronaldo is 34 years old and 15 days away from Ali Dei ‘s 109-ball world record, it is only a matter of time before he breaks this record in terms of his current physical and competitive status.By that time, saying that he is the greatest striker in history, there will be no more objections.

[How to make authentic rice dumplings with chicken?

】 _How to do_How to do

[How to make authentic rice dumplings with chicken?
】 _How to do_How to do

In recent years, yellow rice chicken rice is very popular. Many people are usually busy with work and have no time to cook. They basically eat outside. Many people like to eat yellow rice chicken rice outside.In fact, for people who ca n’t cook, the yellow rice chicken rice is complicated to cook. If you cook yellow rice chicken rice at home, you can enjoy the fun of cooking at home and it is clean and hygienic.How about it?
The method of yellow glutinous chicken rice is to wash the fungus and foam it for use.

Wash the enoki mushrooms, and slice the red and green peppers.

Wash the fresh chicken thighs, put them in boiling water, rinse the blood, and then put the chicken thighs on a plate for later use.

Finely chop the rice pepper, garlic, and ginger, put oil in the pan, and add the garlic, ginger, and rice pepper to the pan.

Pour the chicken legs into the pan and stir-fry. Add a spoonful of sugar, a moderate amount of soy sauce, two spoonfuls of Shexian Douban, stir-fry evenly.

After the chicken drumsticks are evenly discolored, you can add water, and then add an appropriate amount of salt, two anise.

Pour the chicken legs and soup into a casserole over low heat and simmer slowly. Peel the potatoes and cut into pieces. Wash and cut the carrots. After the pot is opened, add the potatoes and carrots to the casserole.

Stew until potatoes and chicken pieces are cooked. Then add enoki mushrooms, fungus, green and red peppers.

Use chopsticks to press near the soup.

Caution Chicken legs should be washed with water to remove blood foam.

The amount of soup should be moderate to ensure that the soup is not too much after it is cooked.

Ingredients for yellow rice chicken rice[Main ingredients]Two chicken legs, 4, 5 shiitake mushrooms, 2 green peppers[ingredients]ginger slices, appropriate amount of dried pepper[seasoning]1 spoon of salt, 2 spoons of cooking wine, 2 spoons of soy sauce,One spoonful of white pepper and one and a half spoonful of white sugar. Quantitative MSG practice 1. Wash the chicken legs and cut into 4cm pieces.

2. Ginger slices, dry peppers cut into small circles.

3, sliced shiitake mushrooms, sliced green pepper into thin slices of horseshoe.

4, fried sugar color: pour the base oil in the pot, add a spoonful of white sugar when cold oil.

5. Slowly heat over low heat. When the oil temperature gradually rises, the sugar begins to melt and turn into a darker brown (during continuous stirring during this period, to prevent the paste pot).

6. Quickly pour in chicken nuggets, turn to high heat, and stir quickly!

7. Boil in two spoons of cooking wine.

8. Pour ginger slices and dried chili into it.

9. Pour in two spoons of soy sauce.

10. Stir well.

11. Pour in water, which will drown the chicken.

12. Put shiitake mushroom slices.

13. Add in a spoon of white pepper and a spoon of salt.

14. After frying evenly, cover the pot and simmer for 15-20 minutes over medium-low heat.

15. After the chicken is rotten and the soup is thick, finally add green pepper.

16, some MSG, stir fry evenly, turn off the fire!

Green pepper can be basically cut off, don’t fry for a long time!

17. Pour rice into the rice cooker.

18. Wash it again, and add more water than rice.

19. Click the rice cooking button. After 30 minutes, the fragrant rice will be ready.

The practice of yellow glutinous chicken rice is to cut the chicken leg into pieces and wash the blood in clean water, then put it into a large vessel, add cooking wine, add fuel consumption, and add soy sauce to season.

Add a little sugar and salt, and finally add onion ginger, star anise, and white pepper powder to stir well.

Marinate it.

Make auxiliary materials, wash the dried shiitake mushrooms with hot water, and then pour in hot water to soak. The amount of hot water is the amount of water used in chicken stew, but not too much water.When washing shiitake mushrooms, be careful not to soak the shiitake mushrooms for too long, otherwise it will affect the taste. Use your hands to gently soak them in hot water for five minutes.

After the chicken is marinated for fifteen minutes, take the pressure cooker, put the marinated chicken in the pressure cooker, and pour the mushrooms and water into the pressure cooker to ensure that the water has just passed the chicken.

Press the pressure cooker for eight minutes, then deflate and open the pot.

Serve the chicken like a casserole, gather the juice over a high fire, pack up the ingredients, and add the bamboo shoots.

If you want to be spicy, you can add a little pepper at this time. After the soup is thick, add a little green and red pepper to garnish, cover and cover for a while. After boiling, add it to the rice to absorb it.

[Can you drink mung bean soup with health supplements]_Take medicine_Can you eat with food

[Can you drink mung bean soup with health supplements]_Take medicine_Can you eat with food

In the hot summer, everyone likes to cook some mung bean soup to prevent heatstroke and cool down. Drinking mung bean soup often has a good effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, and has a lot of health and nourishment.

Mung bean soup is made by using mung bean as the main ingredient. After drinking mung bean soup, you need to pay attention to some things. If you are taking the health medicine Nanmen, don’t drink mung bean soup.

Benefits of drinking mung bean soup in summer 1.

Antibacterial and antibacterial effect Mung bean has antibacterial and antibacterial effect.

① Some parts of mung bean have antibacterial effect directly.

② Indirectly exert antibacterial effect by improving immune function.

Mung beans contain a large number of biologically active substances such as coumarin, alkaloids, phytosterols, saponins, etc., which can enhance the body’s immune function.


Hypolipidemic effect Some people fed rabbits with 70% mung bean powder or germinated mung bean powder in the feed, and found that it has a preventive and therapeutic effect on the increase of blood lipids in experimental hyperlipidemia rabbits, and significantly reduces coronary artery disease; some people willMung bean hydroalcoholic extract was mixed into feed animals for 7 consecutive days, and it was confirmed that it had a significant reduction effect on the serum and plasma of normal mice and normal rats.

Further research found that phytosterols contained in mung beans can reduce the absorption of cholesterol in tandem and reduce the serum cholesterol content.

In addition, glycinin has been experimentally confirmed to have a serum-lowering effect. Whether mung bean globulin has the same effect is worth exploring.


Antitumor effect Mung bean has a certain preventive effect on lung cancer and liver cancer induced by morphine + sodium nitrite in mice.

In addition, experiments confirmed that phenylalanine aminolyase extracted from mung bean has a significant inhibitory effect on mouse leukemia cells.


Detoxification Mung beans are rich in protein, and raw mung bean extracts have a high protein content, which can protect dissolved mucous membranes.

Mung bean protein, sulfur compounds and flavonoids can be combined with organophosphorus pesticides, mercury, arsenic, and lead compounds to form a precipitate, which reduces or loses toxicity and is not easily absorbed by the inhalation tract.

Six taboos to drink mung bean soup in summer1, people with cold body constitution should not drink more mung bean soup with cold body constitution, manifested as cold limbs, fatigue, cold pain in waist and legs, diarrhea and so on.

Eating mung beans can worsen symptoms, and even cause digestive diseases such as diarrhea (dehydration in severe cases), joint muscle aches caused by stasis of blood and blood, cold stomach and chronic gastritis caused by weak spleen and stomach.

Drinking mung bean soup can prevent heat stroke, treat food poisoning, etc., and has certain effects on fever, thirst, hot diarrhea, and pox.

However, those with a cold constitution, weak or taking medication are not suitable for drinking.

2. Do not drink mung bean soup on an empty stomach. Do not drink mung bean soup on an empty stomach. Mung bean soup is cold. Drinking on an empty stomach is not good for the stomach.

3, mung bean soup should not drink properly every day, no problem.

Generally adults drink 2 to 3 times a week, one bowl at a time.

Toddlers should follow the physical constitution, it is best to consult a doctor first.

First, when children start to eat porridge when they are 2 to 3 years old, they can add some mung beans.

The number of adults is not recognized until the age of six.

4. Excessive drinking of mung bean soup or gastrointestinal diseases In general, excessive drinking of mung bean soup may cause gastrointestinal diseases such as cold and diarrhea.

Women who drink too much mung bean soup can have gynecological symptoms such as leucorrhea, bloating, and dysmenorrhea.

5. Mung beans and traditional Chinese medicine cannot be taken together. It is often said: “Mung beans cannot be eaten with traditional Chinese medicine, so as to avoid antidote.

“The Compendium of Materia Medica” states: “Mung beans have a sweet and cold smell, and are non-toxic.

The folk boiled mung bean soup is also often used as one of the first aid measures for drug poisoning.

Therefore, the argument that mung bean and Chinese medicine cannot be taken together has been passed down.

[Does black beans nourish the stomach]_Gastrointestinal_Effect

[Does black beans nourish the stomach]_Gastrointestinal_Effect

This kind of food is quite common, and can be eaten a lot, but few people will know the specific efficacy and nutritional value of black beans. In fact, if you eat black beans often, there are still many benefits to your digestive tract.In addition, you can also treat the symptoms of dizziness, which are more common, so if it happens, you can cook some black beans for consumption.

1. Cure kidney deficiency and thirst: fried black beans, trichosanthin are divided into equal parts, ground powder, batter and pills are as big as sycamore seeds, 70 pills per serving, boil black bean soup and send it down twice a day.

2. Treatment of Liver Deficiency and Dizziness: Black beans and vinegar are placed in cow gall together, suspended in a ventilated place and dried in the shade. Take 7 capsules a night after taking out, and heal itself for a long time.

3. Treatment of Yin deficiency and night sweats: 15 grams of black bean clothing, 15 grams of floating wheat, decoction.

4, treatment of middle-aged and elderly white hair: the right amount of black beans, steamed and dried, repeated several times, two times a day, 6 grams each time, after chewing light saline.

5. Treat all kinds of non-hereditary white hair: 120 grams of black beans, 500 grams of rice vinegar, boil black beans with vinegar, such as a paste, filter residue, dipped white vinegar with a clean toothbrush, and brushed the hair once a day (not suitable for skin diseases).

6. For hair loss: 500 grams of black beans, 1000 grams of water, boiled with gentle heat, use water as much as possible, put on a container, sprinkle some fine salt when it is dry, and put it in a bottle, 6 grams per serving, twice a day.Warm boiled water.

7, cure women’s amenorrhea: 30 grams of black beans, 8 grams of safflower, 50 grams of brown sugar washed with water after warming.

8. Treatment of fetal fever in children: 6 grams of black beans, 3 grams of licorice, 7 inches of rush grass, 1 piece of light bamboo leaves, decoction.

9. Treating hypertension: 200 grams of black beans and 500 grams of vinegar. After soaking for a week, chew 30 capsules each time, three times a day.

10, treatment of elderly kidney deficiency and deafness, pediatric nocturia: 500 grams of pork, 100 grams of black beans, cooked and eaten freely.

11, postpartum atmosphere, blood clots: 3 liters of black beans, stir-fry until smoke comes out, put in a wine bottle, after soaking for a day, each serving of this wine half a small cup, 3 times a day, so that sweating slightly, the body moisturizes.

12, treat men’s blood in the stool: one liter of black beans, stir-fry, soak in hot wine, go to beans to drink.

13, croton poisoning: decoction and drink black bean juice.

14, governance amenorrhea: 30 grams of black beans, 6 grams of safflower, 100 grams of brown sugar decoction, warm.

15, treatment of virgin amenorrhea: black beans fried cooked ground, 10 grams each time, served with 10 grams of decoction of hematoxylin.

16, treatment of filariasis: black beans, brown sugar 30 grams each, a handful of white, four cups of water and wine, six cups of water with fried, served on an empty stomach.

17, garcinia camellia, cantharix poisoning: 500 grams of black beans, boiled cold drink.

Seiko Steel Structure (600496): Technology is in the first echelon of the industry, optimistic about future growth space

Seiko Steel Structure (600496): Technology is in the first echelon of the industry, optimistic about future growth space
Event: The company recently announced that the company ‘s wholly-owned subsidiary, Green Building Integration, is one of the main completion units of the “Theory, Technology and Engineering Application of High-rise Steel-Concrete Hybrid Structures” project, which was announced on January 10, 20, the national technologyThe first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award was awarded at the awards conference, which is the sixth time that the company has obtained important achievements in national science and technology.The research and development content of the project mainly includes four types of structural systems such as the supporting giant frame-core tube system. For the first time in the field of housing construction, this level of reward has been won. The award-winning company’s technology is in the first echelon, and the future residential construction is mainstream or steel structure: The participating units of this project include Chongqing University, Sidi International, China Construction Steel Structure, Green Building Integration, China Metallurgical Research Institute and other units.As the first national science and technology progress award in the field of housing construction, it represents part of the recognition of this technology. At the same time, it proves that the company’s subsidiary Green Building Integrated PSC steel and concrete mixing technology is in the first echelon among them. The project mainly includes dimensional structure system: giant frame-core tube system (suitable for landmark buildings of 300-800m), steel tube bundle structure 深圳spa会所 system (suitable for 100-300m buildings), staggered truss structure system (school, hospital and other public buildings)), CFST special-shaped column frame system (high-rise residence below 100m).The technology represented by the project basically covers various high-rise buildings in terms of height and use functions, and has a wide range of application scenarios.We believe that the reason for the award is to affirm the past achievements and scientific contributions, and to set a benchmark as a guide to lead the future development of the industry.Promoting the industrialization of construction is a long-term development direction, of which residential construction will be the mainstream or steel structure in the future. Master the core technology, transform EPC, and be optimistic about the company’s long-term growth space: enter the harvest period.In addition, the company’s traditional steel structure business vigorously transitioned to EPC, and the acquisition has begun to appear, optimistic about the company’s future growth space. Maintain “Overweight” rating: We maintain our previous performance forecast, and net profit attributable to the mother for 19-21 is 3 respectively.9/4.8/5.500 million, a year-on-year increase of 112.1% / 24.3% / 14.5%, corresponding to EPS are 0.21/0.26/0.30 yuan.The latest revision corresponding to the company’s PE in 19-21 is 14x, 12x, 10x, maintaining the “overweight” level. Risk reminder: lower than expected repayment, sharp increase in steel prices, policy risks, weaker-than-expected financing

Goldwind Technology (002202): Increased volume, high growth, low-cost orders accelerated release

Goldwind Technology (002202): Increased volume, high growth, low-cost orders accelerated release
The company released its 20-19 report and achieved revenue of 157 in the first half of the year.30,000 yuan, an annual increase of 4杭州夜网2.7%, net profit attributable to mother 11.800 million, down 22 a year.6%, net profit after deducting non-return to mother 10.200 million, down 28 a year.4%. The sales of wind turbines increased rapidly, and the delivery of low-price orders was nearing completion: the company achieved a sales volume of 3190 wind turbines in the first half of the year.75MW, an annual increase of 50.37%.Among them 2S units sold 2193.6MW, accounting for 68% of sales.7% is still the company’s most important generator, 2.The sales capacity of 5S has increased significantly. In the first half of the year, the sales volume was 660MW, and its sales proportion increased to 20.7%.In the first half of the year, the company’s fan gross margin was 11.3%, the previous 10 fans fell, the average delivery price of fans is 3289 yuan / kw, a drop of 10%.The main sample 2S unit has a gross profit margin of 10 in the first half.1%, a decrease of 12 per year.For 9 units, the average delivery price is 3106 yuan / kw, a decrease of 9 per year.8%, the cost is 2793 yuan / kw, which rises by more than 5.3 averages.Judging from the average delivery price and price drop, it is expected that the wind turbines delivered in the first half of the year will be low-cost orders between the second half of 2017 and the first half of 2018, while the price of raw materials will remain high resulting in upward costs. Tender prices rebounded, and the turning point of gross profit margin was approaching: domestic public tenders in the first half of 1932.3GW, an annual increase of 93.4%, a record high for half a year.From the tender price point of view, the price of wind turbines has bottomed out since the fourth quarter of 2018, and the price of 2MW wind turbines in June 19 increased by 12 from the low point of September last year.1%.According to the company’s estimated orders and deliveries in hand, it is expected that the company’s remaining orders of 3-5GW will not be delivered before the inflection point.In the second half of the year when wind power is booming, wind turbine delivery is accelerating, and gross margins are about to usher in a bottoming out rebound. The wind power operation is stable and contributes major profits: the company’s grid-connected equity capacity in the first half of the year was 4,422 MW, and the utilization hours were 1202, generating revenue 22.43 trillion, gross margin 70.8%.Wind power transfer contributed investment income in the first half of the year7.2.4 billion, the wind power development sector was the main source of profit in the first half of the year. Profit forecast: The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.72, 1.04 and 1.At 41 yuan, the gross profit margin of the wind turbine operated at a low level, slightly lowering its profit forecast and maintaining a BUY rating. Risk reminder: Wind power replenishment installed exceeds expectations, cost reduction exceeds expectations

Increase in value-added services in the area of management, increase revenue, increase the number of property stocks, the annual report pre-increased by more than 50%

Increase in value-added services in the area of management, increase revenue, increase the number of property stocks, the annual report pre-increased by more than 50%

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  Original title: Increase in value-added services in the management area increased the number of property stocks to increase by more than 50% in annual reports.

On the 14th, the sector continued to advance, and multiple stocks hit new highs.

Recently, a number of property stocks issued a pre-announcement of performance growth, and it is generally expected that the profitability of 2019 will increase by more than 50%.

  The increase in area under management and the growth in value-added service revenue have led the performance growth of property management 厦门夜网 companies.

Some research institutions predict that the impact of epidemic prevention and control on the property management sector will be limited. It is expected that this sector will continue to grow at a high speed. The market size will exceed 1 trillion yuan in 2020 and further exceed 1 in 2022.

5 trillion yuan.

With the increase of industry concentration in the future, the trend of Hengqiang, the strongest skull enterprise, will become more and more obvious.

  The substantial pre-growth of multiple property stocks has benefited from the rapid advancement of the real estate market, the property management industry has developed rapidly and has set off a listing boom in Hong Kong in the past two years.

In 2019, the overall growth rate of the property management sector in the Hong Kong stock market reached 95%.

  Recently, large property management companies issued a bright 2019 annual performance forecast, and the market expectation that the property management industry “is in a golden period of rapid development” is about to be verified.

Among them, Xincheng Yue Service, a property company affiliated to Xincheng Holdings, announced that the net profit attributable to shareholders for the year 2019 will continue to increase by 80%.

Times Neighborhood also expects that by the end of December 2019, the company’s substantial net profit in 2019 will increase by more than 80%.

  In addition, Country Garden Services released an announcement that as of December 31, 2019, the restructuring and re-examination of the consolidated net profit and the average profit attributable to shareholders will increase by more than 50% compared with the same period in 2018.The share of profit attributable to shareholders before the same period in 2018 will not be less than 50% and 45%.

  The reporter found that in the reasons for saving, almost all property companies mentioned that the increase in performance was mainly due to the increase in area under management and the increase in income from various value-added services.

Ya Life Services also mentioned that the effective control of management costs is also an important factor in performance growth.

  Many places have announced that supplementary material management companies are the “big stewards” of residents’ epidemic prevention, and property management is the “last mile” of epidemic prevention and control. Many property companies have increased the allocation of materials and personnel during epidemic prevention and control, and the cost has increased accordingly.
At the same time, recently, the governments of Shenzhen and Hangzhou respectively issued documents to subsidize property service companies participating in the epidemic prevention and control work to hedge the recent rising costs of property management companies.

  In terms of subsidies, some areas are based on the area under management, while others are based on the number of management households.

For example, Shenzhen and Shenzhen are property management service enterprises in their jurisdictions.

The standard of 5 yuan is implemented for two months of financial assistance, while Qingdao Jimo District provides financial assistance based on the actual number of occupants of property services and the current situation of the old community. The subsidy period is 2 months.

  Bank of America Securities issued a research report that although the epidemic prevention and control has increased short-term pressure on the income of the property management service industry in the Mainland and the labor costs have increased, the government has increased its support for enterprises during the epidemic prevention and control period, which has helpedReplace the impact, so the main business of the industry is expected to remain stable.

In the medium term, the property management market will consolidate, and large companies will have an early advantage in receipt mergers and acquisitions.

  A report released by Nomura recently believes that property fee income is stable in economic fluctuations, and is not affected by factors such as consumption, investment demand, and import and export changes, and is defensive.

In addition, the positive policy environment and the impediment to growth also make it optimistic about the prospects of the property industry.

Beauty must know-nine taboos for beauty and skin care

Beauty must know: nine taboos for beauty and skin care


I think it ‘s the same with cleansing milk remover, and you do n’t have to use a special makeup remover.

  Analysis: Is it enough to just use a regular cleanser / deodorant?

Everyone knows that general cleansers often cannot achieve the purpose of complete makeup removal. At this time, you need a special makeup remover to help.

  The correct way is: removing makeup is the first step. After removing makeup, use cleansing milk to remove dirt, oil and residual cosmetics from the pores again to make the skin cleaner and fresher.


For facial massage, the longer the better.

  Analysis: The time of facial massage should be moderate, not too long or too short, it must be determined according to the skin quality, skin condition and age.

  The correct way is: Generally speaking, normal skin massage time is about 10 minutes.

The massage time for dry skin is usually 10-15 minutes.

Massage time for oily skin should be controlled within 10 minutes.

Allergic skin is best not massaged.


When applying eye cream, the habit is fast and hard, and it is completed in three or two clicks.

  Analysis: Eye skin is the most fragile part of the skin. If you apply it hard or pull too much, it will cause more and more wrinkles.

  The correct way to apply eye cream is to gently apply the middle finger to the skin around the eyes.

Move slowly and lightly, gently bounce around the eyes and massage in a certain direction.


Put the lotion directly on your hands, thinking that trying to pat will make the lotion easier to absorb.

  Analysis: Pour the firming water on your hands and pat, it will not play a role in cleaning again.

  The correct way is: take an appropriate amount of firming water and soak the cotton pad, and then gently apply it on the cleansed face, which is also more hygienic.


After each face wash, dry the water with a towel.

  Analysis: Rough towel rubbing on delicate skin will not only hurt and irritate the skin, make the skin long fine lines, but also hide bacteria!

  The correct way is: after washing the face, use a towel or tissue paper to press the water to dry, it is much lighter than the method of wiping and hurting the skin.

Especially when you have acne, you must replace the towel with tissue paper and absorb the water in a clogged way, so as not to cause bacterial infection.


Both skin care products and makeup are used sparingly, and the surplus is often put back in preparation for the next use.

  Analysis: To ensure the cleanliness and beauty of beauty cosmetics, you need to be extra careful when doing beauty makeup.

Because spoiled or unclean cosmetics will not only restore the beautification of the face, but also may contaminate the skin, make the skin rough or produce pigmentation.

  The correct approach is: When using beauty cosmetics on weekdays, first make sure to avoid using unclean fingers to dig out the product in the bottle / box, so as to avoid bacterial infection of the unused part inside.

It is recommended to use a digging spoon or powder puff to take out the cosmetics required each time; if the removed cosmetics have not been used up, remember not to put them back in the bottle to avoid causing contamination.

After using the cosmetics, wipe off the stains left on the bottle mouth with a paper towel, and then tighten them.


It is dry skin, so you cannot use whitening products.

  Analysis: Dry skin is not directly related to the use of whitening products, but dry skin must transfer water in the first place, with excess water to ensure normal skin metabolism, otherwise the whitening ingredients will not be absorbed by the skin.

  A better approach is: it is best to add more whitening essence or night cream at night to allow the skin to fully absorb nutrients to gradually show the whitening effect.

Every time you remove your makeup, always wipe the lipstick directly with a paper towel before washing your face.
  Analysis: Wipe the lipstick directly with a paper towel, causing excessive irritation to the lips, transforming the capillaries of the skin under the lips and causing damage. In the long run, it will change the lip color and even cause complications.

  The correct way is: special makeup remover is also needed for lip skin.

Take an appropriate amount of eye and lip makeup remover on a cotton pad and gently apply it to allow the lipstick to float off your lips, then wipe it off with a cotton pad or paper towel.


I used to wash my face directly with water in the morning, but I cleaned it the night before anyway.

  Analysis: After a whole night of metabolism, the skin is not as clean as you think. How can it be completely removed with just water?

If the dirt is not cleaned and makeup is applied later, it is easy to insert pores, resulting in blackheads, acne, etc.

  The correct way is: wash your face with a cleanser, and give the skin rich moisture while thoroughly cleaning, so that the skin is calm and comfortable, and the skin is refreshed and soft.

How to do sweating on hands and feet

How to do sweating on hands and feet

Introduction: Many people suffer from sweating of their hands and feet for a long time.

Chinese medicine to help you!

  There are often people in life, who must change socks every day, because the feet are sweaty, and they need to change shoes often; hand sweaters are not a minority, and some people even wake up and find that they are just steaming in the sauna.

  Traditional Chinese medicine regards the sweat and sweat of this disease as imbalance of yin and yang of the human body, disagreement between camps and guards, and unfavorable reasoning and opening of the sweat, leading to the leakage of sweat, which is mainly divided into two types: spontaneous sweating and night sweats.

  What is spontaneous sweating?

  Chinese medicine believes that without excessive labor and exhaustion, sweating when you are awake is spontaneous sweating.

Therefore, Sun Diwei, an expert at the Anhui Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, used Siwutang plus antiperspirants such as floating wheat, ephedra root, oysters, and dried peaches.

In addition, for “sweat feet”, 16 grams of alum and 16 grams of kudzu root can be ground into fines, and an appropriate amount of water can be added, and the affected feet can be immersed.

  What is night sweats?

  This is a clinical manifestation of sweating during sleep and immediately after waking. It can be treated with Angelica Liuhuang decoction, that is, 10 grams of angelica, 30 grams of astragalus, 12 grams each of raw and rehmannia glutinosa, 10 grams each of scutellaria baicalensis, Coptis chinensis and Cork;12 grams of yellow, 10 grams of Ophiopogon, 20 grams of Astragalus, 10 grams of Amaranth, 10 grams of Schisandra, 10 grams of turtle cover, 10 grams of Astragalus.

  According to experts, in addition to the above two, sweat, yellow sweat, blood sweat, heart sweat, etc., all kinds are caused by imbalance between yin and yang.

Clinically, there is a symptom of sweating, namely, perspiration, yin and yang failure, which causes a large amount of sweating, which is one of the terminal manifestations of critically ill patients.