Interview 丨 With the training of Kipgeorg team, Peng Jianhua hopes the Olympics will not leave regret

Interview 丨 With the training of Kipgeorg team, Peng Jianhua hopes the Olympics will not leave regret
Peng Jianhua took a photo with Kipchog during the winter training in Kenya.Figure / social media For Chinese men’s marathon, 2019 is destined to be an extraordinary year.In the Xuzhou Marathon at the beginning of the year, Dobje ran 2 hours, 10 minutes and 31 seconds, creating the best result of the Chinese marathon since 2008; the Berlin Marathon at the end of September, Dong Guojian ran 2 hours, 08 minutes and 28 seconds, creating the first in the history of Chinese marathon2 Good results, only 13 seconds away from the national record; the Guangzhou Marathon at the end of the year, Dong Guojian, Peng Jianhua both ran within 2 hours and 10 minutes.As of now, the Chinese men’s marathon has a total of Dong Guojian, Dobje, and Peng Jianhua running in 2 hours, 11 minutes and 30 seconds to meet the Tokyo Olympics. They are also the most representative of the Chinese men’s marathon.As a star of hope, Peng Jianhua ushered in his first career early last year, and improved his best score to 2 hours, 09 minutes and 57 seconds in less than a year, becoming the fifth in the history of Chinese marathon to run into 2 hours and 10 minutes.Players.As long as he plays normally in the Olympic trials, he will make his Olympic debut in next year’s Sapporo Marathon.Recently, Peng Jianhua accepted an exclusive interview with Sauna and Yewang.He admits that the expectations of the Tokyo Olympics affect everyone differently. Due to his poor health during the external training in Kenya, the game gave him more time to adjust his state.As young athletes, there are more opportunities for self-cultivation and become more mature before the Olympics.Talking about the goals of the Tokyo Olympics, Peng Jianhua said: “Break through yourself and don’t leave regrets.”On the day of New Year’s Eve, Peng Jianhua and his teammates in Africa went shopping in the supermarket.Figure / social media Kenya winter training often encounters great gods, Kipjog is very friendly. Beijing News: It is another year of winter training. This time I went to Kenya to train for 70 days. What are the overall local training conditions?Peng Jianhua: We are Eldoret who arrived in early January. It is also known as “Land of Long-distance Running”. In addition to the members of the national training team, there are also some local team members training there.There is a distance between our station and the training base. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday we train ourselves, and every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Kipchocho team training.Beijing News: The training environment abroad must be relatively large compared with the domestic one. Is there anything that is not suitable?Peng Jianhua: Fortunately, I am used to it. This is my fifth time to go to Africa for external training, and it is also the second time to have a New Year abroad.On New Year’s Eve, everyone went out to shop together and simply celebrated the New Year at the residence. During the two haircuts, all our staff helped.Beijing News: What is the rhythm of daily training?I train 7 days a week, do you usually have no rest?Peng Jianhua: Normally we train ourselves. Dong Ge (Dong Guojian is also the coach) formulates the training plan. In the morning, he exercises early in the morning, and usually has training in the afternoon.When working with the Kipchog team, it is usually on-site interval training on Tuesday, a long distance of 30 km or 40 km on Thursday, and Fatlake running training on Saturday.Beijing News: Is Kipjog all there during the joint training?What will you communicate with Kipjog and his coach?Peng Jianhua: Kipjog is generally present, and occasionally absent.He communicated more with Kipjog ‘s coach Patrick Sang. In several foreign trainings, he served as a foreign teacher. The training content and plans are arranged directly by the coach. He is very enthusiastic about us and will often review our training.And guidance, tell us how to adjust the training plan, technical details.Of course, Kipjog himself is also very friendly and will often take photos with everyone.Beijing News: What do you think of the effect of this external training?Peng Jianhua: Because I had a problem with my body during the training period, I had a cold during the time I just went there, and there was a strain in the back. Overall, the training is not so systematic, and it is not ideal for me.Now after returning to China, I have been adjusting my physical condition.During the external training, Peng Jianhua asked the staff to help him get a haircut.Despite the twists and turns of the picture / social media rematch 2019, the Beijing News of Satisfaction with the Standards: The marathon started in 2019, and the results have improved very fast since the first horse. How do you evaluate this past season?Peng Jianhua: I think there are still many twists and turns.For example, the first time I ran a marathon in Xuzhou, it was obviously inexperienced. I did n’t even have a drink. The pace was too uneven. At that time, the results were not too unexpected. I felt I could run better.The Beijing News: The Berlin Marathon is easy to score. You broke the domestic record halfway, but in the end, the main problem is what is the problem?Peng Jianhua: The Berlin Marathon is indeed very regrettable.I felt good in the front, I ran too fast halfway, and I also wanted to run well in the back, which caused my body to cramp.The coach and I were disappointed not to run down that game.Beijing News: The following three games have good results, each in PB, and in Guangzhou also met the Olympics. How did you adjust?Peng Jianhua: After returning to China for more than ten days for rest, I participated in the Changsha Marathon, which was considered as a practice training.I think the state is average, a bit of a breakdown in the second half, but ran out of PB, the results are not bad.The most satisfying was the Guangzhou Marathon. Someone interviewed me before the game. I said that I would be content after running for about 2 hours and 12 minutes. Finally, I ran into 2 hours and 10 minutes. The result was quite unexpected.Beijing News: Not long ago, your coach Xiao Li said in an interview that you have high expectations for your future. Have you ever thought about what kind of results you will achieve in the future?Peng Jianhua: I hope to do my best to run and continue to create new PB.Beijing News: From Dong Guojian to Dobje, Yang Shaohui, the competition for domestic men ‘s marathons in the past two years has been fierce. How do you view this kind of competition?Peng Jianhua: I have a good relationship with everyone. Although I am an opponent on the field, I am a brother with a very good relationship in private.Of course, the competition will go all out to compete. I think this kind of chasing after me and encouraging each other is very good. Dong Ge (Dong Guojian) and they play a leading role, we try to catch up.In an interview, Peng Jianhua was very confident.Figure / Social Media Looking forward to the Olympics to break through and hope that there will be no regrets. Beijing News: During the training, I encountered a new coronary pneumonia epidemic. Has this disrupted the team’s external training plan?Peng Jianhua: We returned to China as planned in mid-March, with little impact on training.After returning from Kenya, he has been training at Chenggong Base in Yunnan.The Beijing News: The Olympic trials have been extended, and the domestic scheduled marathon recovery is also far away. How to arrange the next training in the team?Peng Jianhua: Although the Olympics have been postponed, our training has not been relaxed.As before, the amount of training per day is relatively small.In the middle and late May, there will be a test match in our team to check everyone’s training.The Beijing News: The Tokyo Olympics will be held in the summer of 2021. The front is obviously elongated. Will it have a great impact on your preparation?Peng Jianhua: The impact on everyone is different.Because of my physical condition during external training in Kenya, for me, I have more time to adjust my status, more opportunities for training and competition, and I can be more mature before the Olympics.Beijing News: Although the Olympic standards have been reached, according to the regulations, three places will be selected through the Olympic trials. Are you confident in the trials?Peng Jianhua: I think the competition in the trial competition is still quite big, and I still have to watch the performance on the spot, but I am still very confident and strive to get the quota for the competition.Beijing News: No surprises, next year is your first time participating in the Olympic Games, will you be nervous?What goals have you set for yourself?Peng Jianhua: Don’t be nervous. After all, I have been used to too many competitions.Break through yourself, don’t leave regrets, you will be satisfied with the result, and you will reach your goal.People’s Profile · Peng Jianhua Date of Birth: December 18, 1996 Hometown: Hunan Project: 5000 meters, 10000 meters, Marathon Main Honors: 2017 National Games to run to win the all-around champion 2018 National Track and Field Championships 5000 meters, 10000 meters champion 20197th place in the 10,000-meter Athletics Championships of the year, 10,000-meter champion in the 2019 World Championships in Changsha Marathon, Nanchang Marathon domestic champion marathon results: 2019 Xuzhou Marathon 2 hours 13 minutes 27 seconds (first horse) 2019 Berlin MarathonUnfinished race (breaking half of China’s half-marathon record) 2019 Changsha Marathon 2 hours 13 minutes 19 seconds (PB) 2019 Nanchang Marathon 2 hours 12 minutes 55 seconds (PB) 2019 Guangzhou Marathon 2 hours 09 minutes 57 seconds (to meet the Olympic standards) Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Han Shuangming proofread Wang Xin

3600 completed the performance pledge last year, the epidemic situation plunged in the first quarter of this year

3600 completed the performance pledge last year, the epidemic situation plunged in the first quarter of this year
On April 24, Three Sixty Security Technology Co., Ltd. (601360.SH, hereinafter referred to as “three six zeros”) released the 2019 annual report, which showed that after 2017 and 2018, the gradual calculation exceeded 12.RMB 8.6 billion completed the 2019 performance commitment.In other words, only 33 in 2020.5.3 billion yuan (80% of promised performance)8%) to complete all promised performance.The 2019 annual report shows that the operating income is 128.RMB 410,000, a year-on-year decrease of 2.19%; net profit attributable to listed shareholders is 59.80 trillion yuan, an increase of 69 years.19%, net profit after deduction of 35.27 trillion yuan, an annual increase of 3.10%.Qihoo 360 was established in 2005, landed on the NYSE in 2011, and completed privatization and delisting in July 2016.In February 2018, March 60 officially landed on A shares.In April 2019, 37.The US $ 3.1 billion transfer of its shares in Chianxin held abroad, and then announced the start of government and enterprise security3.0 strategy, officially entered the field of government and enterprises.In 2019, 3060 won the bids for the network security industry base projects in Chongqing Hechuan District and Tianjin High-tech Zone, and the winning bid amounts were 2 respectively.RMB 39.5 billion and 2.RMB 51 billion.However, the above project has not yet completed the final completion project inspection, and part of the revenue has been confirmed according to the percentage of completion. The revenue of the security and other business segments to which government and enterprise affairs belong is 4.7.3 billion yuan, accounting for less than 4% of total revenue.At present, the company’s main revenue segment is still Internet advertising and services, with a revenue of 97.25 trillion yuan, down 8 every year.76%, because the market continues to grow, the advertising budget is concentrated on the right platform, and the center of gravity is biased towards the mobile terminal, and the three-six zero is still building a PC-side product matrix, launching PC applet applications, and its action on the mobile terminal is to launch 360Clean up the Master Speed Edition and improve the monetization efficiency.The 360 business also highlights its urban security business.The first urban safety brain emergency field project won the bid in 2019, and the amount won was about 1.18.6 billion; in order to promote the urban safety brain business, about 1 in 3060.US $ 19.8 billion is subscribed for the placement shares of Color Life and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties plan to date 3060 IoT and supporting solutions into Color Life and merge several communities.However, these investments have not yet affected the revenue structure of three or sixty.In addition, 360 said that its business center is more focused on the fine game operations of page games and end games, actively developing H5 games and overseas games, and upgrading the 360IoT smart hardware brand to 360 smart life, and expanding the lineNext, overseas, operators and other smart hardware sales channels, core products have undergone many iterations.The 2019 annual report shows that the annual income of Internet value-added services is 9.RMB 5.8 billion, down by 18 each year.68%, while the revenue from the smart hardware business is 16.76 trillion yuan, an annual increase of 65.20%.On the same day, 3600 also disclosed the first quarter of 2020 performance report.The report shows that the operating income for the first quarter was 22.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year decline of 16.74%; net profit attributable to listed shareholders is 3.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year decline of 44.42%, the net profit after non-deduction is 3.3.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 46.78%.360 said that since 2020, the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has had a certain impact on the company’s business plan and the progress of the landing. It has resulted in the gradual decrease in the reported operating income and the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company. It will be evaluated in time.For the impact on the company’s financial situation, operation management, etc., make a good response plan to minimize the adverse impact of the epidemic on the company’s operation.3600 also disclosed in its 2019 annual report that in January 2020, 360600 and Yi Hualu signed a framework cooperation agreement to jointly integrate a data lake security protection system centered on big data security and collaborate on the development of data resources;In 2020, it won the bid for the related project of Qingdao Cyber Security Industry Base, and the bid amount was 2.RMB 50.3 billion.Prior to the release of the aforementioned financial report, on April 22, 360 issued an announcement saying that its non-public offering of A shares had been approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission’s Issuance Review Committee on March 6, and it had recently received approval documents.In May 2018, March 60 issued a fixed increase plan, with a planned non-public offering of no more than 13.5.3 billion shares, with a raised capital of no more than 10.8 billion yuan, will be used for security research and development and infrastructure, commercial products and services projects.Sauna, night net editor Liang Chen Yue Caizhou proofread He Yan

[How do olives taste delicious?】 _How to do_How to do

囬 鏄  緢 宁 歌  镄 勯  鏉 撶 纴 Shan  鍦 ㄥ Hook the father’s 撖 咖 咖 撶 汖 書 惖 雖 撖It ‘s hard to find it, and it ‘s a lot of troubles. It ‘s a lot of troubles. It ‘s a lot of fun. It ‘s very frustrating. It ‘s a lot of time.炲父忔槸闱炲板瘜镄勶纴钖挋阅忎篃鏄緢楂樼殑锛岀壒鍒€傚悎瀛曞浠ュ強鍎跨椋熺敤锛屾﹦姒勭殑鍋氭硶涔熸槸寰堝鐨勶紝閭f﹦姒勬€庝箞镣掑ソ钖冨憿?What is the difference between picking and picking? Fist of the fistula? Fist of the fistula? Fist of the fistula? Fist of the fistula? Fist of the fist? Could you tell me how to do it?.Remedy: ョ ョ ョ ョ ョ ョ ョ 晨 昨 難 掭 嚭 フ 懗 2.鍊掑叆姣涜眴缈荤倰涓€浼氬効锛屽姞鍏ユ﹦姒勮彍缁х画鐐掔倰3.Please click on the button below and click on the button 1-2 or click on the tweet to admire it: donate it, donate it, don’t forgot to do it, don’t you want to do it?What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about?。鑲夛紝浣犲彲浠ラ€夌尓鑲夋垨鑰呯墰鑲夛紝鍙鎶婂畠浠墎鎴愮锛岃皟濂藉懗2。鐢滆眴娲楀共鍑€鍒囩矑3.This is an example of how to work together, and how to use it to get up and running, and how to do it, and how to connect with each other, and how to connect with each other, and how to do it.噯澶囦笂纰熶箣鍓嶆斁姗勬鑿滄媽鍖€灏卞彲浠ユ﹦姒勫睘浜庣宸炵壒浜э紝鏃╁湪鍞愭湞鐨勬椂鍊欙紝灏辫鍒椾负璐″搧銆傛﹦姒勪粠鐢熷埌鐔燂紝濮嬬粓濡備竴锛岄兘鏄繝缁跨殑棰滆壊锛屾墍浠ュ張绉颁负鈥滈潚鏋溾€The problem is that the chain is slow and smooth, and the chain is very fast. It ‘s very difficult to find out how to connect with each other.鐨勶紝鍚冭捣鏉ョ殑鍙f劅锛屾槸閰搁吀鐨勶紝鍜岄吀鏋g被浼笺€傚畠鐨勫ソ澶勪篃鏈夊緢澶氾細1銆佹鼎鑲烘鍜筹細鏈夋姉鐐庢秷鑲跨殑浣滅敤銆傚父鍚冨彲娑﹀枆锛屽鍜藉枆鑲跨棝銆佽偤鐑挸鍡姐€佸挴琛€鏈夌泭銆?銆佺敓娲ユ娓达細鏈夊彞璇濆彨鍋氣€滄湜姊呮娓粹€濓紝姗勬鍜屽叾浣滅敤鏈変竴鎷笺€?It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s very easy to get it. It ‘s very difficult to get it. It ‘s very hard to get it. It ‘s very hard to get it right. 姽 屽  鍎 階 All rights reserved Nan ㄩ  鍙 戣 偛 菛 ㄩ  鍙 戣 偛 哛  銆 傛 ﹦ 姒 勬 湁 鍝  簺 锅 ュ 變 鐩 嘩 ?1.鎶楃値銆佷繚鎶ゅ績鑴忋€傛﹦姒勪笉鍚屼簬鍏朵粬姘存灉鐨勫湴鏂癸紝鍦ㄤ簬鑴傝偑鍚噺寰堥珮锛岀害鏈?1-15% Ryukyu Umbrella Hama just set in chains?4%? How to make up for it? How about the wind and the wind?.鎶楁哀鍖栥€侀闃茬柧鐥呫€傛﹦姒勫瘜鍚澶氭姉姘у寲鎴愬垎锛屽姗勬鑻﹁嫹銆佺緹鍩洪叒閱囥€侀叒閱囧拰妲茬毊绱犵瓑銆傝繖鑳藉噺灏戜綋鍐呮哀鍖栧簲婵€鍙嶅簲锛屽韬綋鐨勪激瀹筹紝杩樻湁鍔╀簬锛岄檷浣庣粏鑿岄€犳垚鐨勬劅鏌撱€傚锛屽彲鑳介檷浣庝汉鎮e績鑴忕梾銆佺檶鐥囩瓑鎱㈡€х梾鐨勯闄╋紝鍙兘鎶垫姉锛屽彲瀵艰嚧鍛煎惛閬撳強鑳冮儴鎰熸煋鐨勭粏鑿屻€?.This is a good example of how to do it, and you will be able to read it in detail, and you will be able to read it in detail.瀹 獙 留  纴 瀵 Walking around in the Han dynasty, the chains of the chains, the chains, the chains, the chains, the chains, the chains, the chains, the chains, the chains, the chains, the chains, the chains, the chains, and the chains.铏界劧姗勬鏈夊仴搴锋柟闈㈢殑濂藉锛屼絾鏄篃鍙兘甯︽潵涓€浜涢棶棰橈紝鍖呮嫭锛氳繃鏁忥紝鏈変汉鍙兘鍦ㄥ悆姗勬鍚庡嚭鐜板彛鑵斿拰鍜藉枆涓嶉€?閲嶉噾灞炲锛屾﹦姒勪腑鏈夊彲鑳斤紝浼氭湁閲嶉噾灞炵墿璐ㄥ纭笺€佺~銆侀敗鍜岄攤锛屽悆鐨勮繃澶氾紝鍙兘鎻愰珮鎮g檶鐥囩殑椋庨櫓锛屼絾姝e父浣跨敤澶у涓嶄細瓒呰繃娉曞畾闄愬害;

[How long does the red bean barley rice cooker cook]_Rice Cooker_How long does it take

銆 愮 儿 プ 呜 総 綫 綫 Chongshu Bronze up  涔 呭 冿 銆 慱 鐢 閌 阌 卂 嗂 丸  闀 Cross-body?
This is the most important thing in the world: the world’s most powerful people: the village, the village, the game, the board, the uncle, the pick, the slip, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, the key, and the key.殑鍒朵綔杩囩▼涔熼潪甯哥殑绠€鍗曪紝鍙渶瑕佷娇鐢ㄧ數楗叢灏卞彲浠ヨ繘琛屽埗浣滀簡锛岀孩璞嗚枏绫崇播鍙互缂撹В浜轰綋鍑虹幇绮剧涓嶈冻鎴栬€呮槸鍡滅潯绛夌瓑鐥囩姸锛岀粡甯哥殑椋熺敤杩樺彲浠ヨ浜虹The most beautiful drama: the father and mother, the father and the mother: the key to the award ceremony, the award ceremony, the awards, the number of the children, the number of children, the children, and the childrenSorry?Quiet  嫴: Do you have a whisper? How about Chong up?  涔 呭?I ‘m not sure what ‘s going on, I ‘m going to tell you that I ‘m going to tell you what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?キ 嘮 姮 槸 撝 咑 骞 村 咄 勬 勬 僬  姾 幾 湁 鏁  唷 涢 攨 锷 熻 具 兘 What is the dance?灏忔椂锛屾堡/绮ラ€夐」澶ф瑕?銆?What are you going to do? Do you want to learn about it? Do you want to learn about it?What are you looking for? ﹀ 彸 屽 ぇ 姒?銆?灏忔椂鏃犲井鍘嬪姏閿呭姛鑳斤紝鏃堕棿闇€瑕佺浉搴旇竟闀裤€傜浜岋紝钖忕背绾㈣眴绮ョ殑鍔熸晥銆傜幇浠d汉鐢熸椿鍘嬪姏澶э紝绮剧涓嶈冻锛屽績鎮搞€佸棞鐫°€佺儲韬佺瓑鏄珮鑺傚鐢熸椿鐨勫父甯稿彂鐢熺It ‘s so thin that it ‘s hard to see what ‘s going on. It ‘s a good place to play. It ‘s interlinked. It ‘s very easy to distinguish. It ‘s very different.涳紝鏀瑰杽浣撹川鐨勫姛鏁堛€傝枏绫崇孩璞嗙啲鎴愮播鍚庯紝鍙互灏嗚枏绫崇殑绁涙箍鍜岀孩璞嗙殑鍒╁翱鍏呭垎绯呭悎鍙戞尌锛屽浜庝綋鍐呮湁婀裤€佸埄姘翠笉閫氶兘鏈夌Н鏋佺殑鐤楁晥銆傝枏绫崇孩璞嗙啲瀵归娆蹭笉鎸€佽吂婊¤吂娑ㄣ€佸仴鑴炬秷鑲裤€佽劸鑳冨惛鏀躲€佽繍鍖栭兘鏈夊緢濂界殑鏀瑰杽杈呭姪浣滅敤锛屾棩甯搁鐢ㄥ韬綋鍏昏儍鍋ヨ劸鐨勫姛鏁堜笉閿欍€傚洜涓鸿枏绫崇孩璞嗙播鍙互娑堥櫎浜轰綋鍐呯殑姘存恫锛屾按娑蹭細鍋滅暀鍦ㄤ汉浣撶粏鑳炲唴锛岄€愭笎浜х敓鑲ヨ儢锛屾墍浠ヨ 怏 绫 Chonghe Pu 嗙 播 灵 幓 幓 闄 ゆ According to the inserting and inserting 噺 噺 勺 駮 堮  槸 司 堁 湁 叁 堁 堟 偉 尽 傓 镞 駏 绫 Chong Cui children’s pooWhat is the difference between each other? How many people are there? How many are you?What are you doing? How do you know how to use it? How to read it in a simple way? It ‘s easy to read it. What is the best way to get it?Ying Feng presses?0 翔 夂) The effect of the “contrary to the world”, the worms play the role of the number of  plexus.楗  抭 銆?闇€瑕佺叜涓€涓崐灏忔椂)銆傚叧鎺夌數婧愬墠鍗佷簲鍒嗛挓鎶婄洂鎴栧啺绯栧姞杩涚播閲岋紝鎼呮媽鍧囧寑銆傜孩璞嗗拰钖忕背閮界叜寮€浜嗗氨鍙互鍏虫帀鐢垫簮锛岀劧鍚庡氨鍙互鍝佸皾棣欏柗鍠风殑绾㈣眴钖忕背绮ヤ簡

[Can peaches be eaten with watermelon_Can watermelon be eaten with peaches]

[Can peaches be eaten with watermelon_Can watermelon be eaten with peaches]

In summer, the amount of watermelon people eat will increase very fast.

Watermelons can sometimes relieve fatigue, and people love peaches.

However, peaches are a fruit that gets angry, and some people are very susceptible to allergies.

In addition, because watermelon is a cold fruit, between peaches and watermelons, the explanation using traditional Chinese medicine is the food that is relative to each other.

For people with weak gastrointestinal function.

Eating cold watermelon can easily stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and cause symptoms such as diarrhea.

And peaches, especially crispy peaches, are not easy to digest, and people with weak digestive function should not eat more, so as to avoid indigestion.

In addition, these two kinds of fruit have higher sweetness, and diabetic patients should also pay attention to eating in moderation.

Peach and watermelon are often eaten in summer.

Be sure to wash them before eating them, because the epidermis may contain residual pesticides and dust. These substances can cause harm to the human body when they are eaten in the stomach, and they should not eat too much at once, eat anythingToo much will affect the body.

The role of peaches.

Peach plasma fiber can enhance gastrointestinal motility, improve digestion and promote defecation.

Peach contains more potassium and less sodium, which can reduce swelling, diuresis, and beriberi, and can be used to improve dry stool and unfavorable urination.

Peach has a high iron content and is an ideal supplementary food for patients with iron deficiency anemia.

Peach kernel extract has anticoagulant effect, can inhibit cough center and stop cough, and can reduce blood pressure, and can be used as adjuvant treatment for patients with hypertension.

The first is the laxative intestinal peach mixed with fiber and pectin, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, can help clear intestinal waste, and cause bile secretion, improve digestion and moisten the bowel, and increase appetite.

The second type is to eliminate edema. Peach contains more potassium and less sodium, which is suitable for edema patients.

Patients with edema have more sodium and less potassium, and peach can just balance the sodium and potassium balance in the body and keep the electrolyte stable.

Research on Angel Yeast (600298): Setting sail for the world

Research on Angel Yeast (600298): Setting sail for the world

No. 1 in Asia and No. 3 in the global yeast industry.

Angie Yeast has always been based on the main business of yeast and yeast, and it has gradually developed by adopting strategies such as surrounding the city with the countryside and market entry in the north. At present, Angie has 24.

9 yeast capacity and 7.

8 Yeast’s yeast extract (YE) production capacity has set its first place in Asia and third in the world.

  The yeast industry has matured and yeast extract (YE) is still in its growth stage.

High capital investment + high technology barriers + strict environmental protection supervision together build a high-tech biology for the yeast industry, and the industry concentration is obvious.

1) Yeast industry: At present, the development of the yeast industry has matured. We expect that the development of the baking market and the replacement of old noodles by yeast will become the main growth points in the future. It is expected that the potential yeast industry output will have a CAGR of about 1 in the next five years.


  2) Yeast extract (YE) industry: At present, it is still in its infancy and has a wide range of applications. It will transform the development of economic level. The increase in the replacement ratio of MSG by YE will create its growth space.

We use two methods to measure downstream demand and replace monosodium glutamate. It is estimated that the CAGR of YE demand will exceed 10% in 2018-2023, and the domestic YE space will exceed 50 from a longer perspective.

  The development of overseas markets and the strategic layout of YE are the focus of future development.

At present, Anqi’s domestic market dominance is mainly solid, with domestic cities accounting for up to 55%, and even the market share is still slightly upward but limited.

1) We think that what is more important than domestic is the foreign market. Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa have become the largest growth engines of the baking market. At present, Angie is actively carrying out overseas production capacity deployment. The overseas market is expected to become a key breakthrough for Angie’s development;As the world’s largest YE manufacturer, An Qi is expected to benefit from the development of the YE industry first.

From a global perspective, if the replacement ratio of YE in the umami flavor market (30-40%) in the United States, Europe, Japan, and South Korea is benchmarked, the global YE market space is expected to reach 87-116.

At present, the main consumption areas of MSG and Anqi’s strong areas overlap, and Anqi has potential priority to benefit.

  The price of molasses is the most important factor affecting the profitability of the company.

At present, sugarcane is in the cycle of increasing production. We expect that molasses prices in 2019 may still have room to fall, thereby creating room for profitability improvement.

As sugar cane is about to enter the production reduction cycle, domestic molasses 杭州桑拿网 prices may increase slightly from 2020 to 2021, but the range of changes in the price of recombined molasses is showing a narrowing trend. The active establishment of overseas factories by replacement companies will help them enjoy the advantages of foreign molasses indicators.From a company perspective, we believe that the possibility of domestic molasses improvement in 2020-2021 will have a controllable impact on the company’s overall profitability.

  Investment suggestion: Cover for the first time and give an “overweight” rating. We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 9 respectively.



40,000 yuan, corresponding to EPS1.



51 yuan, corresponding to PE24 / 21/18 times of 2019-2021.

Using the relative estimation method, we give a target 杭州夜网 price of 32 yuan, corresponding to 25 times the PE in 2020.

  Risk warning: raw material prices fluctuate, exchange rates fluctuate, the industry’s growth rate is lower than expected, and industry competition is intensified. There may be errors between assumptions and actual conditions.

Initial expansion of targeted downgrade institutions: expected to release 700 billion yuan of liquidity

Initial expansion of targeted downgrade institutions: expected to release 700 billion yuan of liquidity

[Related reading]Huachuang Zhang Yu commented on inclusive financial target reduction: In mid-January or the full-scale reduction will be carried out, and the target coverage will be expanded. It is expected to release another 600 billion liquidity!

  CICC: Expanding the coverage of the policy reduction policy to release up to 400 billion yuan of targeted liquidation reduction standards for small and micro enterprises. The bank is expected to welcome triple positive pre-heating “standard reduction”.

Initially announced to expand the scope of targeted RRR cuts. It is expected to release 700 billion liquidity and a currency gap of over 4 trillion yuan. The overall RRR cut is expected to be a general trend. Securities companies in China are generally optimistic about the changes before the Chinese New Year.Reduction of assessment standards.

  This move expands the coverage of institutions that meet the directional reduction standards. It also means that organizations that do not meet the scope of directional reductions will promote the addition of “reduction” benefits, which means that the coverage of directional reductions will be further expanded in the future.
  On the evening of January 2nd, a breakthrough news release said that starting from 2019, the inclusive financial standardization of small and micro-enterprises’ loan assessment standards will be adjusted from “single household credit less than 5 million” to “single household credit less than 10 million.”yuan”.

This is conducive to expanding the coverage of preferential inclusive financial preferential policies, guiding financial institutions to better meet the loan needs of small and micro enterprises, and benefiting more small and micro enterprises.

  However, the previous “gift packages”
have not yet come to this end, and the market generally expects that this month’s progress is expected to implement the RRR cut again (the overall RRR cut may also be very large), and the capital will promote sufficient stability before the Spring Festival.

Therefore, this time the adjustment of the scope of the inclusive financial target reduction assessment is likely to be just a prelude to the arrival of a “big gift package.”

  The targeted RRR cut policy was readjusted. It is expected that the release of the 700 billion US dollars of liquidity budget will be implemented in small and micro enterprises and the “agriculture, rural areas, and farmers”
as early as 2014. In particular, the county’s rural financial institutions will focus their credit on smallThe micro-enterprises and “agriculture, rural areas, and farmers”
sectors have earlier enjoyed a range-深圳桑拿网oriented directional reduction policy, and their deposit reserve ratio is sufficient to exceed the average level of all deposit-related financial institutions.

  Absolutely, continue to innovate breakthrough methods step by step, and play a structural guiding role on the basis of maintaining a moderate degree. Transferred directional reductions are used more alternately than comprehensive reductions, and directional reduction policies are continuously adjusted.

  In fact, this is not the scope of the original adjustment of the inclusive financial assessment.

  In September 2017, it was gradually adjusted once. At that time, the scope of the targeted reduction policy assessment was adjusted from small and micro enterprise loans and agricultural-related loans to loans in the inclusive financial sector, which expanded the scope of loan recognition.

This time, the assessment 杭州桑拿 standards for specific loan types were specifically relaxed.

  Specifically, in September 2017, the Transitional Announcement stated that the scope of the targeted reduction policy assessment was adjusted from existing small and micro enterprise loans and agricultural-related loans to loans in the inclusive financial sector.

Inclusive finance loans include: small business loans with a single household credit of less than 5 million yuan, micro enterprise loans with a single household credit of less than 5 million yuan, business loans for individual industrial and commercial businesses, business loans for small and micro business owners, and production and operation loans for farmers, Business guarantee (laid-off and unemployed) loans, set up files to set up consumer loans and student loans for the poor.

The above loan data are statistical data of the unified caliber of the investigation and statistical department of the People’s Bank of China.

  This time, the single-family credit assessment standards specifically for small and micro enterprise loans were relaxed from less than 5 million to less than 10 million.

This is also a manifestation of continuous innovation and breakthrough methods. Not long ago, the State Council executive meeting also proposed to “improve the inclusive financial targeted reduction policy”, which is a “notice” of this policy adjustment.

  After adjusting according to the scope of this assessment, how many new institutions can enjoy the inclusive financial targeted reduction benefits?

  Preliminary estimates, but according to the budget, the proportion of newly merged institutions should not be large, after all, after a round of adjustments in September 2017, the proportion of banks that can be covered has been large.

At that time, the relevant person in charge indicated that the implementation of the targeted reduction policy for Inclusive Finance could cover the entire large and medium-sized commercial banks, about 90% of city commercial banks and about 95% of non-county rural commercial banks.

Therefore, after this policy adjustment, the marginal increase is not expected to be too great.

  But the only thing is that this policy adjustment is actually an attractive alternative to institutions that have already enjoyed targeted reductions.

According to Liao Zhiming, chief analyst of Tianfeng Securities Banking, Pratt & Whitney Financial ‘s targeted credit reduction for small and micro enterprises before the standard interest rate for single-family loans is less than 500 million, and the relaxation of single-family credit is less than 1,000 million, which will significantly increase targeted reductions.150BP discount file coverage.

  ”In 2018, only the China Construction Bank enjoyed a 150 BP discount. After the efforts of issuing inclusive financial loans in the past year and the relaxation of the latest standards, we expect that the remaining three banks will also meet the 150 BP discount file requirements; most, some of the sharesBanks and other small and medium-sized banks are also expected to meet this requirement and are expected to release about 700 billion yuan of liquidity.

“Liao Zhiming said.

  According to the maximum budget regulations, the inclusive financial target reduction is divided into two stages: the first stage is that the increase in loans in the inclusive finance sector in the previous year accounted for 1 of all new currency loans.

5%, or at the end of last year, the balance of loans in the inclusive financial sector accounted for 1 of the total RMB debt balance.

The second stage is that the increase in loans in the inclusive financial sector in the previous year accounted for 10% of all new currency loans, or the balance of inclusive financial loans in the end of last year accounted for 10% of all RMB loan balances.

  For financial institutions that meet the first tier, their reserve requirement ratio will be adjusted down by 0 on the basis of the statutory reserve requirement ratio benchmark.

5 single; financial institutions that meet the second tier, their deposit reserve ratios are adjusted down by 1.

5 units.

  Zhang Yu, head of macroeconomic research at Huachuang Securities, stated that preliminary monetary policy efforts will focus on structural changes. From the perspective of scope, the gradual announcement of adjustments to directional downgrade assessment standards is actually to expand the scope of small and micro enterprises and expand the policy coverage of inclusive finance.Further tilt the embodiment of small and micro enterprises.

From the standpoint, there are some economical monetary policies to solve structural problems. From the perspective of the Central Economic Working Conference, the follow-up policy portfolio is mainly “monetary policy to maintain reasonable and adequate liquidity + structural directional support (debt-to-equity), tilted orientation.”Small micro, supporting private enterprises.) Continue to make efforts.” CITIC Securities research report spindle is expected to gradually support private small and micro enterprises in a targeted and relaxed way.

As early as in the preliminary third quarter monetary policy implementation report, it has fully reflected the relief of private enterprises.

The current monetary policy for physical enterprises is not to increase the total amount, but to improve the currency exchange rate mechanism and broaden the financing channels for private small and micro enterprises.

In the future, it will improve the financial services of private small and micro enterprises by improving various financing methods such as improving corporate financing services, and improving the inclusive financial policy. This will be conducive to economic recovery and economic stability.
  Liao Zhiming also said that with reference to the 2018 Inclusive Financial Targeted Reduction Assessment Plan, it is expected that the assessment will be completed in late January, and liquidity will be released before early February, which will significantly alleviate the liquidity gap before the Spring Festival, and also reflect the funding aspect.heart of.
  After further unifying the micro- and micro-credit incentive assessment standards of different regulatory agencies, the directional standard reduction policy adjustment will not only benefit small and micro enterprises, but also benefit farmers, rural areas, and farmers. It will also be a direct benefit for banks.

It is entirely possible to reduce the deposit reserve ratio and release more funds; it is also conducive to further unifying the small and micro loan incentive assessment standards of other regulatory agencies.

  The initial incentive assessment used for small and micro enterprise loans was usually a single-family credit of 5 million and below. This was also used for targeted reduction of inclusive finance and other monetary policy tools.

For example, in June 2018, it was proposed that small- and micro-enterprise loans with a single household credit of 5 million yuan or less were classified as MLF, and the scope of eligible collateral for reloans.

  Under the proportion of small and micro enterprise loan increase of less than 101 million US dollars (inclusive), the loan standard for small and micro enterprises in the “two increase and two controls” assessment proposed by the CBRC is looser, that is, two increase refers to a single householdThe total credit granting speed is not lower than the expected growth rate of the loan ceiling, and the number of households with loan balances is not lower than the same period last year.

Here, small and micro enterprises include small, micro enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, and small and micro business owners.

  However, after the relaxation of the single-family credit standard for small and micro enterprise loans applicable to the inclusive financial target reduction this time, whether the new standard is also applicable to MLF, re-loan qualified collateral, and the scope of the MPA nuclear energy standard remains to be further clarified.
Some analysts predict that these assessment standards are also expected to be adjusted to maintain consistency.

  Before the Spring Festival, the gap in the base currency exceeded 4 trillion, and the RRR cut is still expected. Although the adjustment of the scope of the downward adjustment of targeted assessments is called a “fancy” targeted reduction, analysts estimate that progress before the Spring Festival is expected to continue to implement a new round.Lowering the standard (does not rule out a full-scale reduction), so the adjustment of the assessment scope is just a prelude to the next step.

  ”In mid-January, it is estimated that there will be another RRR cut, at which time some MLF terminations may be replaced, and the incremental part will be a full RRR cut, while credit channels will continue to unblock.

Zhang Yu told a Chinese reporter at the securities firm.

  The CITIC Securities Research Report also believes that looking forward to the monetary policy before the Spring Festival in 2019, the probability of a reduction in breakthroughs will break through, and TMLF may open operations, with short-term cross-section liquidity placement.

Regardless of the impact of the development of fiscal policy, the pressure on the natural maturity of funds broke through in January 2019, and the liquidity of the banking system faced a situation similar to that in 2018, and the fourth regular meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee in 2018 also proposed “increase currency”Policy counter-cyclical” requires that monetary policy orientation maintain at least the current degree of easing. It is necessary to place large amounts of liquidity to maintain a reasonable and adequate liquidity.

And back to the operating tools, “lock short and lengthen” will continue, lowering the standard to replace the CRA probability transmission last year.

At the specific time, the reference CRA was announced on December 29, 2017 and launched on January 16, 2018; this reduction is likely to be launched after New Year’s Day, and will be implemented before and after the interbank deposit certificate expires and the tax liability is paid.

  In summary, the reason why the analysts of the coupon companies think that another round of RRR cuts will be implemented on the eve of the Spring Festival is mainly supported by two factors: First, the capital gap is large before the Spring Festival, and more liquidity needs to be released for hedging;The economy is weak, and liquidity needs to remain reasonable and adequate.

  According to the calculation of Qu Chuang’s team at Huachuang Securities, the base currency still exists 4-4 before the Spring Festival this year.

The gap of 5 trillion US dollars requires the use of monetary policy tools for hedging in advance, and gradually adopting a combination of CRA, MLF, large-scale reverse repurchase in the open market, and even lowering the level of the basic currency to calm down capital fluctuations.

  ”But what the experts want is that no matter what monetary policy tools are used, the base currency issuance before the Spring Festival is still hedging, which does not mean that the tone of monetary policy has shifted to loose.

“Hua Chuang Securities’ sympathy team said.

  Guotai Junan’s macro research team believes that China ‘s PMI fell below the line of honor for the first time in 29 months in December, reflecting further downward pressure on the economy. PMI data reflects that the government is maintaining economic stability through infrastructure construction.The budget of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress authorized some advances to add local government debt restrictions. Under the pressure of local debt resolution and repayment, infrastructure rebound will be helped to some extent.

The increase in the supply of government bonds has impacted market liquidity and is expected to be fully reduced by 100 basis points to hedge in January.

Funds for Northbound have now poured into Maotai, a consumer stock preference

Funds for Northbound have now poured into Maotai, a consumer stock preference

On June 27, a clear influx of funds to the north resumed.

In the final midday, through the Shanghai Stock Connect and Shenzhen Stock Connect, a total of nearly 4 billion yuan.

At about 10:00 on the same day, Guizhou Moutai once rose above 1,000 yuan, setting a new historical high.

As of 13:25 Beijing time on the same day, Guizhou Maotai reported 995 yuan, an increase of nearly 1.


  Recently, China Business News interviewed large foreign-funded institutions that have expanded their A-share layout for many years.

Under defensive tactics, the consumer sector is still one of their favorite sectors, and current estimates of A-shares are still relatively advantageous globally.

  Shen Wenjie, a food and beverage analyst at Singapore Besun Asset Management Co., Ltd. (APS), told First Financial News that, in fact, external uncertainties remain, and market sentiment tends to be cautious. As far as Moutai is concerned, “in the long term,”No” is expensive.

A breakthrough in the difference between the current ex-factory price and retail price is bound to gradually tighten in the long run.

It is expected that in the next 6-8 years, the volume and price of Moutai will double, and we will continue to hold it. ”

  Zhou Wenqun, head of equity investment and fund manager of Fidelity International China, told First Financial reporter that “from the perspective of branded consumer products, 25-30 times price-earnings ratios are very reasonable worldwide (Moutai is 23).

9) In addition, liquor companies have strong incentives for consumption upgrade and additional promotion. After all, the high-end liquor we usually say still accounts for a small proportion, and even if all A-share listed liquor companies are added together, the entire proportion is stillIt is very low. Most of them are liquor companies with very weak brands. In the state of increasing market share and consumption upgrade, the long-term growth drivers are very clear.

“From a growth and estimation perspective, he believes that A-share earnings growth is expected to reach 11 in 2019.

6%, growth momentum ahead of the United States, Europe and Japan and other overseas markets.

At the same time, the expected price-earnings ratio is about 12.

5 times, still lower than the global average and the estimated level of major overseas markets.

  Under defensive tactics, foreign countries favor large consumption. In the first three weeks of June, the inflow of capital from the north to convert about 6.6 billion US dollars.

  A study by BNP Paribas shows that the allocation of northbound funds in June mainly matches the weight of the sector in the MSCI China A-Share Index, so the proportion of finance and consumption is still acceptable.

On the whole, the driving force of “into the rich”
on June 21 for northward capital was stronger than when MSCI expanded its A shares in May.

  The reason why foreign countries increased their allocations in June is also related to estimates.

Recently, Value Partners Fund Investment Manager told First Financial reporter that under current estimates, the market’s upside risk or greater downside risk.

Whether it is a horizontal comparison or a preliminary comparison, the current estimates of A shares are at the absolute and relative substitution level.

“China has the world’s largest consumer group, and there is still a lot of room for upgrading the per capita consumption level. We have long been optimistic about investment opportunities in the Chinese consumer industry.

“Surely, the large consumer sector is still the most popular in foreign countries, and food and beverages have accounted for conversion.

According to the research by France and Pakistan, the top three stocks with a net inflow of capital from the north in the first three weeks of June are: Guizhou Moutai, Ping An of China, Wuliangye, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Conch, Daqin Railway, Vanke, Poly Real Estate, Weichai Power,Tsing Tao beer.

其中食品饮料行业占到了1 \ / 3.

  In addition to long-standing foreign preferences in the food and beverage sector, avoiding dangerous moods has also increased this defensive configuration trend.

Bi Sheng founder and investment director Wang Guohui Lighthouse pointed out to CBN reporters that the defensiveness of the investment portfolio has recently been improved, and “stock selection is more likely to cause food and beverage and industries driven by domestic demand.”

Most foreign institutions believe that the former is represented by Moutai, while the other is represented by Gree and Yonghui Supermarket.

  Throughout the world, the consumer sector is actually the most prone to the so-called “big bull stocks.” “The key is consumer products, especially those with strong bargaining power, and deep industry barriers. This is especially true because companies usually spend a lot of time in building a brand.If the industry pattern it is in is relatively good, the annual compound interest growth trend will be stable. Such stocks are relatively easy to create excess returns from historical experience.

Zhou Wenqun told the First Financial Reporter.

  In terms of the overall market direction, UBS mentioned that after the stock market fell significantly in May (MSCI China and Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 fell by 13.

5% and 7.

2%), market forces are already looking for better opportunities for intervention.

“In the short-term, it is recommended to maintain a defensive attitude. For the A-share market, in addition to the consumer sector that has been optimistic (food and beverages, household appliances, duty-free operators and airports), it is also recommended to increase related public utilities (but exclude independent power generators), environmental protection and constructionConfiguration of defensive plates.

If the short-term market is overreacting to external uncertainties, we recommend anticipating opportunities to arrange alternative listed companies with higher profit margins on dips.
“The UBS report said.

  In addition, Zhou Wenqun also believes that external friction will also promote the reduction of foreign dependence on Chinese companies. Therefore, actively seeking independent and controllable technological development is bound to be the general trend in the future.
At present, the overall market scale of domestic semiconductor equipment has huge room for development.

In the chip industry, domestic manufacturers have gained better development potential.

China’s industrial robots are less dense than developed economies, and domestic brands have a limited market share, so the robot industry also has great potential.

  Capital fluctuations in Kitakami have intensified. The long-term net inflow has remained unchanged. Recently, the variability of Kitakami funds has also increased earlier. The “one-way buying” trend in 2018 and early this year has changed.”In and out.”

  “外资单向买入的格局开始进入尾声南京夜网,慢慢进入‘有卖有买’的状态,这主要因为一开始外资对A股的配置非常低,因此纯买入的力量也非常大,而当After the proportion of foreign A-share holdings reaches a certain level, the transformation will begin to intensify.

Of course, the situation of long-term net inflows remains unchanged.

Zhou Wenqun said to the First Financial Reporter.

  The agency estimates that FTSE Russell’s addition to A shares is expected to bring $ 10 billion in capital into the market.

In addition, according to the plan, MSCI increased China’s A-shares in the emerging market index (EMI) variable factor from 5% to 20% in three phases (May, August, and November), with a weight from about 0.

7% to 3.


The Air Force MSCI told reporters that after the “three steps” is completed, there will be 80 billion U.S. dollars in investment, and it is still expected to expand in the future.

  数据显示,沪深港通,QFII \ / RQFII接近20%。
CICC said that in the future, foreign countries may become one of the important institutional investors of A-shares, and the proportion of circulating market capitalization may reach 20% (6 at the end of 2018).


At present, foreign investors in the South Korean stock market hold 16% of the market capitalization, while Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect holds only 1 in the A-share market (Shanghai).

2% (the rest is QFII).

  Shi Bin, UBS Asset Management’s China Equity Investment Leader, said, “If the domestic stock market is completely included in the MSCI Emerging Markets Stock Index as we expect, the Chinese stock market will account for 40% of the index.

He said that as China ‘s economy becomes a service-oriented and consumer-oriented industry, many emerging drivers and innovative companies in the consumer, information technology, and healthcare sectors are on the rise, and the rate of development has surpassed the traditional investment-ledPlate.

Be a lover, just one night

Be a lover, just one night

Movies are good, life is good, extramarital affairs are more dominant.

The old people scoffed at it, and the young people who “respected me alone” acted secretly, with honey in their hearts.

  According to domestic media reports, a large opinion poll on the amendments to the marriage law announced by the All-China Women’s Federation here shows that China currently has 8% of the population having extramarital sex.

2%, or about 100 million people have extramarital sex.

Although 60% of men have sex outside the marriage and 25% of women, this number is on the rise in China.

  Even more frightening is that with the internet, all daydreams have since emerged.

  The Internet made people, especially those in the “siege city”, burst out on the Internet in order not to perish in silence.

For example, the nightmare of a man’s three wives and four concubines, and some women’s revenge for their husband’s overnight love, all can be satisfied online.

The existence of online extramarital affair may be difficult to predict, but it is foreseeable that the ratio is definitely on the rise.

A married man, a woman knows: love is romantic, marriage is cruel.

So they must be invincible online.

Most of the GGMM on the Internet should be people in the “siege city”, because then you can really understand the difference between real and virtual, and you can be a “red killer” with ease.

The innocent men and women who died in his or her hands are likely to have no choice in the end, because they chat and tease you when they are happy, and they are upset when they make you tickled, so they change their names and start againCome up again, you just have fire eyes and golden eyes, across the screen, where to find it?

  The most terrible thing is to put it into action. According to statistics, 40% of the same-sex or different-sex netizens have met, and 40% of them have done class A behaviors such as kissing. Why is this so?

  Men and women have embarked on this road of no return, but do they understand the meaning of extramarital affairs?

  Someone is sexually hungry.

People who are embedded in extramarital affairs for this purpose have abandoned the loyalty and family responsibilities of love just for their physical needs.

Sexual needs are legitimate demands of people. When they are not met, they feel that it is understandable to “solve” by their own way!

As a result, extramarital affairs appeared in a grand place.

  But when this need is met, where is human nature lost?

  Someone is looking for true love.

Both men and women are like this: having a home but not having true love.

Blame others: Why am I always hurt?

Resentment, and daring children became fat, so the one who wanted to “love one attentively” (or even the two of them unconsciously) began to “activity”.

Looking for excitement while not divorcing, thinking the best of both worlds.

  But is true love found in this way true love?

  Some are herds.

Seeing Tianer’s face with Huanglianpo, the men began to be irritable and frustrated; after being tossed by the chai tea with soy sauce and vinegar and losing the flowery beauty, the women also realized that the husband was unreliable.

So, the “want to blow hair with you” group appeared, of course, who would be silly to blow hair with their other half, then in addition to a cold is a fever.

Going out with him or her, who is not the other half, is almost becoming fashionable.

Seeing that avant-garde colleagues or classmates have underground lovers, who are free to go around in the wind, why do they have to cocoon themselves?

  However, the wind blows enough, how long can your romance and chic last?

  Why can’t the real and virtual networks escape the affair?

Want to let the network and life cheating disappear, there is no time to contain hackers.

Either virtual or real, the affair is a wild flower full of temptations, blooming to make you stunning.

If someone on the Internet or in real life suddenly gives you a bunch of tuberose suddenly and affectionately (the flower language is: Will you be my lover tonight?

) Are you at a loss?

Is it easy to get acne when washing your face in cold water-

Is it easy to get acne in cold water?

The reason for avoiding washing your face with cold water in summer is very simple, just as it is often encountered in daily life, once hot oil encounters cold water, it will immediately solidify into thick oil.

One can imagine that when sweat, greasiness and dust accumulate on the face, wash your face with cold water immediately, which will greatly affect the effect of washing your face and cause subsequent problems.


hzh {display: none; }  有的人大汗淋漓地从外面回到屋里,图一时的凉爽,打开水龙头就用冷水洗脸。However, people may overlook this point, that is, sweat on the face, and the temperature of the skin will be relatively high. Without full cooling, the sudden stimulation of cold water will cause the skin pores to shrink and cause oil in the pores.Sweat cannot be washed in time.

The consequence is that the skin’s pores are enlarged, and sensitive skin may even be acutely inflamed, especially oily skin is more prone to acne and acne.